北京地下的冬天音乐日第三部分:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days part 3.

Spread on 3 different days (18 January, 19 January and 20 January) The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days goal is to celebrate music in a different way. 北京地下的冬天音乐日第三部分:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days part 3.

The Peppercorns:

The Peppercorns is a band that plays heavy psychedelic rock music rooted in classic 70’s style, drawing inspiration from prog and art rock. The band is guitar heavy with experimental synth while still maintaining a pop sensibility. Fronted by Edog Wonderlogg II with Kangaroo Zhong and XianXX on guitar, Brain 2.0 on drums, Yan Von3000 on bass and Andrew the lone wolf on synth/violin.

飞椒乐队(The Peppercorns)成立于2016年初的北京,创作风格深受六七十年代前卫、艺术摇滚的影响,保持旋律性的同时,结构复杂多变,极具创新性。合成器,特雷门琴,与迷幻吉他音色的融合,赋予了飞椒乐队一种无法定义的神秘感。




如同“Backspace”一词,这是一支充满数字化时代年轻人敏感气质的乐队。Motorik 式鼓点、紧凑而戏剧性的贝斯、大段吉他配合时而冲浪音乐般清亮婉转,时而凶兆显现般冥响嚎叫。充满随意性和挑衅性。

Like the word “Backspace,” This is a band filled with the sensitive temperament of young people in the digital age. Motorik-style drums, compact and dramatic bass, a large guitar, and sometimes surf music as clear as the sound of the ominous appearance of howling. Full of randomness and aggressiveness.


Djang San, an artist who has released more than 40 albums since 2003, is now exploring electronic music and pushing the boundaries of electro-folk as a solo one man band.

Djang San has toured extensively in 2017 both solo and with his trio, two times in South Korea and one time in Japan where he has also released an album on CD that is available in stores across Japan.

He has also played several festivals and concerts in China in 2017 and released a quadruple album, a trio album and another solo album.



Ko is the pseudonym of Kristin Newborn: vocalist, guitarist, and downright badass. From the age of 18, Kristin was classically trained by a religious cult performing arts group in LA. No foolin’. But as fucked up as that experience must have been, Kristin emerged victorious. A native of Indianapolis and Chicago by way of Los Angeles, Kristin first began writing under the name Ko in the spring of 2012, after the demise of her first group Slothpop. Shortly thereafter she enlisted Todd Heaton to play percussion for the live shows and later recordings. KO has had many different line ups since, playing as full band with many talented rotating musicians. Her solo shows are just as captivating as she loops guitar and vocals making a glorious, euphoric wall of sound.


北京地下的冬天音乐日第二部分:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days part 2.

北京地下的冬天音乐日第二部分:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days part 2.

Spread on 3 different days (18 January, 19 January and 20 January) The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days goal is to celebrate music in a different way.

北京地下的冬天音乐日:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days.


Beijing based electro metal band that will melt your faces off!!!

The future starts now!!!

“That’s the kind of music I like to listen to (…) it’s harder, harder and harder to find good bands cuz’ we’ve been doing heavy metal music for for 30 f***’ plus years (…) you guys just f**’ blew my nuts off…”

-Dave Brockie (GWAR)

Scare the Children

Scare the Children was formed in August of 2014 as a concept band that draws inspiration from all things horror. The music, the lyrics, the art work, the costumes and the stage props are all interwound to tell a horror story that is both frightening and compelling.

With a heavy sound that combines groove metal and punk, adding elaborate piano parts, Scare the Children attempts to create a truly immerse experience for the concert going audience that stretches beyond music, bringing in a bone-chilling show to anyone who witnesses it.

Scare The Children是一支金属乐队,成立于2014年8月, 用音乐与舞台效果讲述鬼魂附身的洋娃娃Betsy与一位小男孩交往的故事。相识后,Betsy与小男孩分离,一年复一年时间流逝,小洋娃娃一直在寻找旧主。乐队的目标是给观众创造一种完全植入性的体验,通过穿上娃娃服装和使用台上的视觉效果来超越音乐的限制。乐队在阵容编制上很有特色,首先乐队为了营造以低频为主的效果,舍去偏高频的吉它,干脆启用两把贝斯作为主要乐器(一把五弦,一把六弦)。而且站在前排的贝斯手是伴唱,而坐在最后面的鼓手才是真正的主唱大人。

Electric Sewage:

Hailing from the frozen wastelands of Siberia, Alex Sinchuck found his hands too cold to play guitar, and so migrated to warmer climates to learn to ways of love, surfing, and rock’n roll. His trail of broken hearts soon led to Beijing, heart of China, where he plays his guitar throughout the city where the name “Alex” will not soon be forgotten.

Chris Saunders, born in Asia, a citizen of America, with heritage from the middle east and raised in Europe, has been called “the man from nowhere”. They say he even now wanders the dark hutongs of Beijing, playing dice with strangers and playing music in the smoky bars of a city with a heart of metal.

Chuck Cooper was born to a life of duality, half English and half American. Caught between the conflicts of two rival nations, he vowed to search the earth for a rhythm that would mend the rift between his two halves. His journey soon took him to the ancient land of drums and gongs, and within Beijing he captures every rhythm he can, in hopes that one of them will bring peace and unity to the Old World and the New.


北京地下的冬天音乐日第一部分:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days part 1.

Spread on 3 different days (18 January, 19 January and 20 January) The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days goal is to celebrate music in a different way.

北京地下的冬天音乐日:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days.


Tydi Knots: 

Tydi Knots is Rudi and Tyron. Combining the classical influences with their already experimental rock sounds, they create a new soundscape that crosses various genres. Playing as a 2 piece they have a large sound and also play various sets and interpretations of their original songs. A unique show that is both enticing and intimate exciting as well as memorable. Their sound is difficult to set to a genre as they draw inspiration and influences from all various genres and styles of music, but the band’s musical style can be described as a mix between alternative, indie pop, rock, post rock, ambient and experimental rock.

Russian Roulette:

Russian roulette is a middle school punk band from Beijing. Since its establishment in 2016, the band has survived hardly because their songs are sick, performances are bad. But they have lots of fans for their All-in performance every time. You will never know what would happen during the drunk boys’ destroying performances. Their music is a mix between punk and classic rock music of the 1970s…

Come to the show to meet them and know them 🙂

北京middle school朋克乐队。自2016年成立以来一直苟活在北京的地下摇滚圈,演黄了一个又一个live house,成为了当之无愧的北京难听之王。尽管很难听,还是受到了人们的喜爱,因为看他们的演出就像看马戏,你永远不知道醉酒后的他们会做出什么令人发指的事儿来。从他们身上你会看到70年代的胡逼,80年代的华丽,90年代的进步和00年代的先进。

Tydi Knots, interview.

Tydi Knots 

A few questions with Tydi Knots, a band that will play the “Punk Night” at School Bar for The Beijing Underground Sweet Winter Music Days on the 18 of January.


Hi Tydi Knots, who are you? Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

We are Tydi Knots, we are a Beijing band.

Where do you come from and why are you in Beijing?

We are both from Sunny South Africa, we have been friends for nearly 10 years now. We initially started off as friends and band mates early 2009. We used to play thrash metal. Tyron was the lead man, and I the drummer. After we graduated from university both Tyron and I moved to Korea, where we started Pan Valley (2016). It was mostly an experimental/acoustic duo. We have been in Beijing for 9 months, give or take.  In the past 9 months we have evolved and changed rapidly.

I have noticed you playing gigs around Beijing, as you are a new band around here, what is your feeling so far about the scene, what bands have caught your attention?

Tyron: The scene is amazing! I can’t get enough of it and really want to be a part of it as much as we can. I have seen a big rise in Post Rock/ ambient kind of bands lately, I guess its currently a trend but there are really some amazing and exciting acts around. Xiao Wang is really an energetic band which I like a lot. We also enjoy Acid Accident, Struggle Session and Li Er Yang. Artists who are really work hard and have an amazing passion for music. The scene is very diverse which I enjoy.

Rudi: I love Beijing and its music scene. You can literary find absolutely everything here. If not some of the hardest bands or some of the most relaxing solo artists. The range of talented musicians and their music is mind-blowing! It goes for all kinds of music opportunities. I currently joined a community orchestra and a string quartet, so it really feels like Beijing is a never-ending fountain of music.

Are you planning to record an album in 2018? do you have a demo or album already released?

We are planning recording a bunch of acoustic sessions, where it would simply be cello and guitar. We will try to release those as soon as we can. Then we are planning to record a bunch of tracks in studio sometime in February.

What’s your favorite music to listen to? What was your favorite album in 2017?

Tyron: I listen everything from Rap, Electronic and Classical to Rock and Jazz. Anything really, so my list would be endless. I have always been an all rounder. If its music or makes a sound, then i’ll probably listen to it. My favorite albums of 2017 have to be Fokofpolisiekar – Selfmedikasie,  Awaken I am – Blind Love and Pvris – All We Know f Heaven, All We Need of Hell, those are the albums that I personally looked forward to before they were released. I have also been listening a lot to one of my all time favorites lately, Bad Debt by Hiss Golden Messenger.

Rudi: Ummmmm, there are so many. To mention just a few;

Gregory Alan Isakov – That Sea, the Gambler, Gregory Alan Isakov – This Empty Northern Hemisphere, Acoustic Recordings 1998–2016

Album by Jack White, Biffy Clyro, Bon Iver For Emma for Ever, Johnny Cash, Sigur Rós, Fokoffpolisiekar, Van Coke Cartel, Van Coke solo project, Alt-J, Delta Blue and later blues, Amy Whinehouse. Any classic music. Haha. I get obsessed with albums and just listen to a few at a time. I like to experience the album as much as possible.

How did you start music and why? Which instrument did you start on?

Tyron: I have always been a big music fan, started listening to Rap and pop in the 90’s. Then in high school I had this friend who would give me new music every Monday, like 15 to 20 albums every week which he would get from his brother at University and then my mind was just blown by everything I was getting, and my passion just grew from there. I tried learning the guitar many times over the years but never took it very seriously. I spent more time writing lyrics from a young age and raps haha. I kind of met Rudi by accident in 2008/2009 sometime and he threatened me into his metal band, I had the worst audition ever and I was accepted and we played a bunch of shows. While at Uni, I experimented a lot with my own music, got into producing electronic music and DJing and still played a little guitar every now and then, I started a business where we would book musicians for events which took off really well and did a good solid 5 years, also worked at 2 radio stations at this time, a studio manager at one and out on the road doing live activations across Central South Africa and then moved life on to Korea. Korea is where I really took the time to work harder at my own music. I released some electronic music at that time and also sat down and learned the guitar solidly everyday. Then Rudi and I started writing music for our Pan Valley project. And now we are in Beijing and loving it.

Rudi: I have always liked listening to music and growing up my brother and I would always go to teen dance parties. In high school a classmate and friend taught me some basics on drums. Hooked immediately I started a band, we started playing heavy metal, basically anything that sounded scary. That was the band where Tyron and I became friends and first played in together. Later on I taught myself to play guitar. Went to university to study music through a music development program that later turned into a degree. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue my music studies as a classical guitarist and then had to choose between the flute and the cello. At this point I was 21 years old, given up a well paying full time job to put myself through university, depressed and lost, I accidentally started playing cello, not knowing what one looked like before I went to my first lesson. Now I try to sing, write music and simply play any instrument that catches my fancy.

Besides Tydi Knots, do you have any other musical projects? Can you introduce them?

Tyron: I have a solo project which I play acoustic guitar and just play some chill music, I also write electronic dance music and have another band project in the works with one of my other mates and I also play bass in a band called Bang Bang Mary with my mates.

Rudi; I played in Bang Bang Mary as the drummer for 2 years, give or take. I am passing on the torch, so to speak, to the next drummer. As I am going to spend more time on the string quartet and the community orchestra I recently joined. I will also spend more time on practicing solo cello pieces. Luckily it will be of great use for tydi knot`s acoustic set. Other projects will be Jordan Darling`s solo project. I will be assisting her recording and producing her indie folk album.

Anything you want to add?

Tyron: Yeah, thanks so much for the opportunity and interest in our music! we appreciate it a lot.

Rudi:Thank you for this opportunity. We appreciate any exposure.