The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days

Organised in partnership with several cultural organisations in Beijing, The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days 2018 aim at showing the diversity of music and culture in the Chinese capital.

Coming Soon !!! Stay Tuned !!!

Spread on many different days and events the Beijing Underground Summer Music Days involves several organizations and venues such as Loreli, Spittoon, BLKGEN, Sub Tropical, Rock against jams, School Bar, Yue Space, Temple Bar as well as many artists, musicians, and more.

Be sure not to miss these events and celebrate the beginning of the summer in a different way !

Part 1, 3 of June:

The Loreli Affordable Art Market.

Part 2, 3 of June:

The Beijing Grand Slam at Yue Space.

Part 3, 19 to 24 of June:

The Beijing Underground Summer Music Week at Temple.

Part 4, 20 of June, School Bar “Rock Night”:

Part 5, 20 of June:

Spittoon presents: Spittunes.

A Poetry and Music Collaboration – 28th June Yue Space.

More details will be given little by little on social media and more so don’t forget to follow us !



The Beijing Underground Winter Music Days:

Spread on 3 different days (18 January, 19 January and 20 January) The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days goal is to celebrate music in a different way.

北京地下的冬天音乐日:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Winter Music Days.

Promo video link in the West:

Promo video link in China:

Tydi Knots: 

Tydi Knots is Rudi and Tyron. Combining the classical influences with their already experimental rock sounds, they create a new soundscape that crosses various genres. Playing as a 2 piece they have a large sound and also play various sets and interpretations of their original songs. A unique show that is both enticing and intimate exciting as well as memorable. Their sound is difficult to set to a genre as they draw inspiration and influences from all various genres and styles of music, but the band’s musical style can be described as a mix between alternative, indie pop, rock, post rock, ambient and experimental rock.

Russian Roulette:

Russian roulette is a middle school punk band from Beijing. Since its establishment in 2016, the band has survived hardly because their songs are sick, performances are bad. But they have lots of fans for their All-in performance every time. You will never know what would happen during the drunk boys’ destroying performances. Their music is a mix between punk and classic rock music of the 1970s…

Come to the show to meet them and know them 🙂

北京middle school朋克乐队。自2016年成立以来一直苟活在北京的地下摇滚圈,演黄了一个又一个live house,成为了当之无愧的北京难听之王。尽管很难听,还是受到了人们的喜爱,因为看他们的演出就像看马戏,你永远不知道醉酒后的他们会做出什么令人发指的事儿来。从他们身上你会看到70年代的胡逼,80年代的华丽,90年代的进步和00年代的先进。


Beijing based electro metal band that will melt your faces off!!!

The future starts now!!!

“That’s the kind of music I like to listen to (…) it’s harder, harder and harder to find good bands cuz’ we’ve been doing heavy metal music for for 30 f***’ plus years (…) you guys just f**’ blew my nuts off…”

-Dave Brockie (GWAR)

Scare the Children

Scare the Children was formed in August of 2014 as a concept band that draws inspiration from all things horror. The music, the lyrics, the art work, the costumes and the stage props are all interwound to tell a horror story that is both frightening and compelling.

With a heavy sound that combines groove metal and punk, adding elaborate piano parts, Scare the Children attempts to create a truly immerse experience for the concert going audience that stretches beyond music, bringing in a bone-chilling show to anyone who witnesses it.

Scare The Children是一支金属乐队,成立于2014年8月, 用音乐与舞台效果讲述鬼魂附身的洋娃娃Betsy与一位小男孩交往的故事。相识后,Betsy与小男孩分离,一年复一年时间流逝,小洋娃娃一直在寻找旧主。乐队的目标是给观众创造一种完全植入性的体验,通过穿上娃娃服装和使用台上的视觉效果来超越音乐的限制。乐队在阵容编制上很有特色,首先乐队为了营造以低频为主的效果,舍去偏高频的吉它,干脆启用两把贝斯作为主要乐器(一把五弦,一把六弦)。而且站在前排的贝斯手是伴唱,而坐在最后面的鼓手才是真正的主唱大人。

Electric Sewage:

Hailing from the frozen wastelands of Siberia, Alex Sinchuck found his hands too cold to play guitar, and so migrated to warmer climates to learn to ways of love, surfing, and rock’n roll. His trail of broken hearts soon led to Beijing, heart of China, where he plays his guitar throughout the city where the name “Alex” will not soon be forgotten.

Chris Saunders, born in Asia, a citizen of America, with heritage from the middle east and raised in Europe, has been called “the man from nowhere”. They say he even now wanders the dark hutongs of Beijing, playing dice with strangers and playing music in the smoky bars of a city with a heart of metal.

Chuck Cooper was born to a life of duality, half English and half American. Caught between the conflicts of two rival nations, he vowed to search the earth for a rhythm that would mend the rift between his two halves. His journey soon took him to the ancient land of drums and gongs, and within Beijing he captures every rhythm he can, in hopes that one of them will bring peace and unity to the Old World and the New.

The Peppercorns:

The Peppercorns is a band that plays heavy psychedelic rock music rooted in classic 70’s style, drawing inspiration from prog and art rock. The band is guitar heavy with experimental synth while still maintaining a pop sensibility. Fronted by Edog Wonderlogg II with Kangaroo Zhong and XianXX on guitar, Brain 2.0 on drums, Yan Von3000 on bass and Andrew the lone wolf on synth/violin.

飞椒乐队(The Peppercorns)成立于2016年初的北京,创作风格深受六七十年代前卫、艺术摇滚的影响,保持旋律性的同时,结构复杂多变,极具创新性。合成器,特雷门琴,与迷幻吉他音色的融合,赋予了飞椒乐队一种无法定义的神秘感。



如同“Backspace”一词,这是一支充满数字化时代年轻人敏感气质的乐队。Motorik 式鼓点、紧凑而戏剧性的贝斯、大段吉他配合时而冲浪音乐般清亮婉转,时而凶兆显现般冥响嚎叫。充满随意性和挑衅性。

Like the word “Backspace,” This is a band filled with the sensitive temperament of young people in the digital age. Motorik-style drums, compact and dramatic bass, a large guitar, and sometimes surf music as clear as the sound of the ominous appearance of howling. Full of randomness and aggressiveness.


Djang San, an artist who has released more than 40 albums since 2003, is now exploring electronic music and pushing the boundaries of electro-folk as a solo one man band.

Djang San has toured extensively in 2017 both solo and with his trio, two times in South Korea and one time in Japan where he has also released an album on CD that is available in stores across Japan.

He has also played several festivals and concerts in China in 2017 and released a quadruple album, a trio album and another solo album.



Ko is the pseudonym of Kristin Newborn: vocalist, guitarist, and downright badass. From the age of 18, Kristin was classically trained by a religious cult performing arts group in LA. No foolin’. But as fucked up as that experience must have been, Kristin emerged victorious. A native of Indianapolis and Chicago by way of Los Angeles, Kristin first began writing under the name Ko in the spring of 2012, after the demise of her first group Slothpop. Shortly thereafter she enlisted Todd Heaton to play percussion for the live shows and later recordings. KO has had many different line ups since, playing as full band with many talented rotating musicians. Her solo shows are just as captivating as she loops guitar and vocals making a glorious, euphoric wall of sound.

The Loreli Flee Market !

Held on the 20 of January afternoon at Yue Space before the music kicks in, the Loreli Market is a great way to find out about Beijing based artists as well !

Anna Gale is an American illustrator/painter/zinester/print maker residing in Beijing. Her works range from one-off hand-painted patches, postcard and poster prints to zines. She is heavily influenced by the art of traditional tattoo design, and day-to-day sketches, portraits, and doodles. The newest addition to her collection is the first issue of a zine titled “Bury the Bone”, which takes you on a journey to places you’ve been, only heard of, or never known to exist.

Liuba Draws is an independent artist/illustrator from Russia based in Beijing. Living in Beijing for more than four years now, it has become a new home for Liuba, with amazing experiences and a deep love for a city, which she wants to share with everyone. People both visiting or living in China are excited to discover all the quirky things they love about this country hidden in the art of Liuba Draws.

Liuba Draws 是独立插画师/艺术家,来自俄罗斯住北京。Liuba主要使⽤用⽔水粉画的形式和技巧来表现她眼中的北北京⽂文化和北北京⼈人。经过6年年有余的北北京⽣生活,这⾥里里俨然已经成为了了Liuba的第⼆二故乡。带着对这个城市深切的热爱,她决定通过⾃自⼰己的画笔与⼤大家分享这份深情。⽆无论你是否了了解北北京 — Liuba的笔触都能带着你的视⻆角纵览这个⽂文化与⺠民俗兼容并蓄的千年年古城。


Aurélien Foucault is a photographer whose style oscillates between documentary and fine art. The wide range of his work may take you from late-night punk bars to artistic nudes or the peaceful mountains of Xinjiang.

Fei Fei is an illustrator and artist living and working in Beijing.

Kambina Elena.

Painter, drawer, artist of performance, installations, video-art, curator. Participant of many international exhibitions and projects.

Teo Charalambidis is a Greek painter and designer with several personal exhibitions in his home country. His works range from oil and acrylic paintings, collage, postcard art and more, and his influences are various as hagiography, mythology and contemporary social


ARM:不自由插画/你要的姿势我都有. Freelance illustrator, ask me anything.

呆萌的Demon,插画师,平面设计师. Demon, illustrator and designer.


Teresa Moya.



Spread on 3 different days (10 June, 24 June and 2 of July) The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Summer Music Days goal is to celebrate music in a different way.

北京地下的夏天音乐日第一部分:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Summer Music Days.

A different kind of music celebration. Part 3.

时间:2017年7月02日 19:00 2 of July  2017 at 7PM.

地点:Yue Space 乐空间


Guitar: Scott Slepicka 

Synth/Vocal: Gerald Van Wyk 

Bass: Fred Shi 

Drums: Matthew Byrne 

MACONDO 乐队做的是令人兴奋的音乐:受 70 年代迷幻摇滚启发,融合了器乐摇滚、后摇、数学摇滚和电子音乐。激扬的鼓点、飘渺复杂的吉他、极具攻击性的贝斯,以及超然的合成器音效交织在一起,构建了其独特的音乐,在变幻莫测的节奏驱动下,呈现某种氛围和空间感甚至心理压迫感。 

Macondo make some of the most interesting and exciting music coming out of Beijing today: instrumental rock with elements of math-core, infused with vibes drawn from 70s psychedelic music, adding the production and sound of today’s electronic music. Their unique music shifts from sounds that are ambient and heavy, spacious and dense to atmospheric but rhythmically driven. Bombastic drumming, layered with lush floating guitar textures and earth-shaking energetic bass attack, and otherworldly synthesiser sounds. 

自 2014 年成立始,Macondo 迅猛袭击北京音乐现场,他们的演出往往令观众 瞠目结舌,并被形容为“火山摇滚”。 

Formed in 2014, the band quickly made a splash on the Beijing music scene, their live shows left audiences open-mouthed, describing it as ‘Volcano Rock’. 



whai(发音 “坏”)成立于2012年,致力中国原创音乐,乐风融合了trip hop、dance、chinesefolk、迷幻,avant-garde, experimental ,rock,industrial,noise等等。




WHAI was started in 2012, it mixes trip hop, dance, Chinese folk, psychedelic music, avant-garde, experimental music, rock, industrial, noise, and more.  The music of WHAI brings you into a new universe, a pace of dreams that will satisfy your soul. Music also made to make you think. WHAI is one of the most successful electro-rock band of the Chinese music scene, they have played many festival all over China and have been trying to create a new way to do music.

苏紫旭&The paramecia

The paramecia 是由根源唱作人、诗人苏紫旭发起的以原始创造力为基础,致力挖掘更多可能性的音乐项目,以乐队的形式呈现。2013年成立于南京,之后成员几经更迭,终于在一六年春,尘埃落定。风格融合根源民谣、世界音乐、前卫艺术摇滚,打破常规形式,以奇幻的旋律结合饱含思想性的歌词深沉爆发。

诗人,唱作人,The Paramecia乐队主唱&吉他手,简称Su。 
*2013年地下发行诗集《青年情怀的冰山一角》,同年组建The Paramecia乐队。 






微博:@苏紫旭是草履虫 @苏紫旭乐迷会

Djang San + Band: 张思安与乐队

After touring South Korea and Japan in 2015-2016 and 2017 Djang San + Band has become an international band always expanding its territory of music around the world.

Djang San + Band just came out with a new album “What you want”.

Listen to it here and feel free to buy it and support the music !

We hope you’ll like it !

Coupla Cups:

Coupla Cups

Coupla Cups is a duo that collide past traditions with current flavors to introduce a new yet familiar folk style. 


Ravi and the Puppets:

Ravi and the shadows is a very particular project which goals is to mix a very ancient Chinese art form, shadow puppets, considered by many as the ancestor of cinema, and experimental electronic music. The band improvises around themes and characters of the Chinese mythology while executing an incredible soundtrack to it.

融皮影-能音乐   是一种视听创新的演出尝试   以族际音乐(各色民乐器和展现人本身的演奏能量和真功夫  不外加效果器)为主的  尝试电噪技术和工业 实验声效   伴以皮影皮与影的艺术元素的加入  (虚实结合 声东击西 神龙见首不见尾的神怪视觉效果)……  过去传统注重皮影看戏   费时又内容冗长道理单一  早不适合@时代的速递心理的需要  所以我们的演出宗旨是《皮影没戏》 只单提炼其艺术灵魂   与现场酷乐一道为观众带来前所未有的视听挑战和体验  更充分享受现实世界里的超现实意境

Dan Taylor

Singer-songwriter Dan Taylor hails from Yorkshire. He has been influenced by the traditional celtic music of the British Isles and now blends rock and folk during his performances.

Dan Taylor has been performing in and around Beijing for the

last few years. he fronts the bands ‘The Harridans’

and ‘Phuture Vulture and the Absolute’, and often plays solo

acoustic gigs.

Dan Taylor: 过去几年一直在北京和北京周边演出,他

领导着两支乐队’The Harridans’和’Phuture Vulture and

the Absolute’,他也经常表演不插电独奏。


Zhege is a band of foreign musicians, living in Beijing. They use a satirical style to write songs about many abstract subjects. Although their lyrical content may seem bizarre, their serious approach to composing and performing their songs makes them far from a novelty band… they are truly a spectacle worth witnessing. 

Zhege’s debut music video ‘So Fashion’ (Easternisation Album) was a commentary on some wacky fashion trends observed around Beijing’s hipster hangout, Gulou, and was enjoyed by many on social media. Since releasing their first album the band have continued to develop and diversify their sound, writing music that is lyrical, catchy, and sometimes quite funny. Their live show is energetic with a lot of structured improvisation and in December 2016 their performance at Dusk Dawn Club, Beijing was streamed by over 1.6 million people on the APP Haibao.

Lead singer/ songwriter/ bass player Jack Lecomber clearly takes influence from the songwriters of his home country, England. His voice and the production style of his tracks is reminiscent of Blur/ Gorrilaz, although the lyrics themselves could be inspired by They Might Be Giants or Frank Zappa. Jack is joined on stage in in the studio by a group of top notch musicians, including experienced show singer ‘Marina Litvinova’, producer of Ukrainian pop stars ‘Slave Shevchenko’, Li Yunchun’s touring guitarist ‘Alejandro Lopes’, drummer ‘Igor Kulikov’, rapper/ percussionist ‘Kris P’ and many other talented players.

The band is about to release ‘Moonjive’, a pop album and their second record of this year. Their music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and in many other places online.

Hugh Reed and the Electric Shadows

Hugh Reed is now based in Beijing, he’s a Scotsman who has had a long musical career. His first single Six to Wan (621) was used by BBC Radio 1 as a theme tune for a series of programmes on Scottish Rock, in the early 1990s.

Following local TV appearances his band The Velvet Underpants’ were invited by Deborah Harry of the band ‘Blondie’ to support her on 11 dates throughout Britain in the winter of 1993. This culminated in Hugh and Debs doing a live duet of Waiting for the Man, which can be watched on youku. Deborah also faxed Lou to tell him about Hugh.

Hugh was then signed to Edinburgh’s Eclectic label. The Debut Album Take a Walk on the Clydeside was released receiving a lot of radio play not just in UK but also throughout, Europe, America and Canada.

Hugh describes himself as ‘multi talentless’ and is seen in a cameo role in the coolest film of the nineties Trainspotting – buying alcoholic drinks for a 14 year old girl he loses out to Renton, the main man, and gets his pint nicked in the process. Watch out for the dodgy-looking geyser with sideburns and a frilly shirt. More recently he appeared in the Jackie Chan movie ’12 Zodiacs’ as a butler and has also appeared on CCTV in many small acting roles.

Hugh previously toured extensively throughout the U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium and Ireland. Hugh has relocated to Beijing, and recorded his next album ‘Ni fa feng le ma?’ The Electric Shadows has been formed with Ben Coles(UK) Darrio(Italy) Elly(Uganda) and maverick artist Benjamin Saphiro(UK), all of whom have played in bands and made music in their home countries. They have now started gigging.


“Yeah I play piano blah blah blah rock blues blah blah drummer of Djang San + band, death narcissist etc”

Nick Parsons 李尔杨:



2013年年末在北京理工大学组建乐队翻弹Led Zepplelin以及其他布鲁斯硬摇滚。


2015年12月开始一人一琴的solo项目,他这个时期的老师和模仿的对象是Bob Dylan,Neil Young,Leonard Cohen们,同时与多位音乐人合作交流,个人风格日益成熟。


2016年10月,单枪匹马枪匹马在69cafe“微光”系列现场中翻弹了Pink Floyd的迷幻经典专辑《黎明门前的风笛手》。此后风格日渐多元。




2017年1月末,在网易云音乐发布了一张名为《一》的实验专辑,返璞归真,全篇仅一把木琴,演奏自成一派, 展现出他对声音的思考,大有独孤求败的“不滞于物,草木竹石皆可为剑”之感。



Nick Parsons:

His live show is vintage,psychedelic and concise, always thinking and searching,His music,sometimes,it’s soothing and warm,sometimes sparkling and energetic。

Spread on 3 different days (10 June, 24 June and 2 of July) The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Summer Music Days goal is to celebrate music in a different way.

北京地下的夏天音乐日第一部分:The Beijing Underground’s Sweet Summer Music Days.

A different kind of music celebration. Part 1.

时间:2017年6月10日 17:00


About “Blasphemy!” yelled Bullwinkle:

Band Bio: “Blasphemy!” yelled Bullwinkle is a band pushing the laws of folk. Deal with it.

About The Peppercorns:

迷幻,根源,实验,后朋?这是一个很 难用一种特定风格去定义的乐队。毋庸置疑的是来自六七十年代经典艺术摇滚的影响,在保有旋律性的同时进行一些新奇又古老的探索。复古的吉他段落与70年代 模拟合成器之音升起又坠落。轰鸣!激荡!有些情感难以理解却又暗潮汹涌炙热强烈,如同所有叹息困惑与不眠的夜。 

The Peppercorns is a band that plays heavy psychedelic rock music rooted in a classic 70’s style, drawing inspiration from prog and art rock. The band is guitar heavy with experimental synth however their songs still maintain a pop sensibility. Fronted by Edog Wonderlogg II with Xian the mighty child on lead guitar, Kangaroo Zhong on rhythm guitar, Brain on drums, and Yan Von3000 on bass. Get ready for helicopters, paratroopers, and atomic lizards. 

About Brickleberry:

Brickleberry, a band which names comes from strange animated series “Brickleberry”, is a cool band from Beijing.

About Stone Ahonen Han:

Stone Ahonen Han met on stage at various jam sessions around BJ. After numerous sessions 

They realized that they’re sharing something in common: love for improvisation, jazz and art rock like progressive rock, krautrock and Zheul. 

At first they formed a band called Voodoo Cats that plays classic 60-70’s psychedelic rock. 

Step by step, they lured improvisation in their catalog and realized their versatility by playing shows specially tailored for the occasion, for instance rearranging orchestral music for rock trio and adding lengthy improvised sequences. 

Idea of drifting away from playing covers towards the unknown; improvisation and unusual rhythms started to take hold as well as writing music together — music that is open for improvisation — music that frees it self from genre boundaries and conventional musical structures. 

Stone Ahonen Han will not ever play the same set twice since they themselves do not know any better than audience what will happen. Their music tries to share something in common with all the music that Stone Ahonen Han finds appealing: music that captures the unspeakable uplifting energy without bounding and restricting themselves by solely trying to represent certain styles of music.  

About Roan & 大树 Dashu:

Roan 是成立于1995 年的波兰摇滚乐队。成立至今,乐队已经在波兰,奥地利,丹麦,德国,

美国,英国和中国等国家举办了1000 多场音乐会。Roan 参加过多个欧洲最大的音乐节:

Woodstock(波兰),Wacken Open Air (德国),Roskilde Festival (丹麦)和Sziget Festival


Roan is a Polish rock band created in 1995. Since that time they have been playing over 1000

concerts in Poland, Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, USA. Their show portfolio

comprises performance at the biggest music festivals in Europe: Woodstock (Poland), Wacken Open Air (Germany), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Sziget Festival (Hungary).

在过去10 年里,Roan 在中国已经举办了100 多场音乐会(北京,杭州,合肥,昆山,南京,



For about 10 years the band has been playing more than 100 concerts in China, in Beijing, Hangzhou,

Hong Kong, Hefei, Kunshan, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Shanghai and Suzhou.

2015 年至今,Roan 和中国音乐家“大树”合作演出。2017 年Roan 和大叔在(宁波)中国国

际日用消费品博览会的音乐活动和(波兰)Woodstock Festival 会演出。

Since 2015 Roan is playing together with a Chinese artist 大树DaShu. The musicians have been

invited to perform at music event associated with China International Consumer Goods Fair in Nigbo and Woodstock Music Festival 2017 in Poland.

Zbyszek Man 作为乐队共同创始人之一,是个非常有个人魅力和


数Roan 的歌曲都是他作曲的),他是乐队的主心骨。

Zbyszek Man is a charismatic vocalist, guitar player and co-founder

of the band. His low timbre voice and great composing aptitudes

(majority of Roan’s songs are composed by Zbyszek) makes him

important pillar of the band.

Andrzej Man 是Zbyszek 的弟弟,也是乐队共同创始人之一,低音吉他手、作曲家兼经理。

Andrzej Man is a founder of Roan band and bass guitar player. He is also composer and band manager. Privately,

Zbyszek’s brother.

Kuba Mikulski 是个专业的鼓手,音乐学院毕业。Kuba 热爱打鼓,他经常在音乐会上用长时间的个人表演来表达音乐。

Kuba Mikulski, professional drum player, absolvent of the Music Academy. He is passionate about his play and frequently expresses it while playing long solo on the concerts.


辫子也很特别。自从2015 年起,与Roan 合作演出。

Da Shu is a vocalist, guitarist composer and text author. Some of his characteristics are great

communication with an audience and amazing dreadlocks. Plays with Roan since 2015.


1. 1995, “Fire”, SPV Records

2. 1997, “Sugar”, BMG Records

3. 1998, “Denis Roadman Club”, BMG Records

4. 2001, “Throughout the day, all the time” EMI Records

5. 2005, Compilation of greatest hits, EMI Records

6. 2010, “Soundcheck”, Warner Music

7. 2014, “Journey”, APG (合肥Hefei)

媒体合作Media Exposure:

Roan 乐队与波兰最大的电视台关系良好,他们经常一起来中国参加活动。

A band has sound relations with Polish largest private TV station, TVN and an aptitude to bring the media to China.

音乐视频Music Video:

Djang San + Band:

After touring South Korea and Japan in 2015-2016 and 2017 Djang San + Band has become an international band always expanding its territory of music around the world.

Catch them when you can !


北京地下之夜 3:The Beijing Underground Evenings #3

时间:2017年4月16日 17:00





(译中国心或赛诺之心)乐队2014年成立于奥地利维也纳,由前奥地利77朋克乐队FRANKENSTYLE 和 雷蒙斯乐队DEECRACKS前成员钟无力组建并担当创作以及主唱,由于音乐上深受RAMONES,THE REAL KIDS,

THE BOYS, BUZZCOCKS, FLAMIN’GROOVIE等结合了七十年代英式朋克以及六十年代利物浦BEAT, Power Pop,九十年代日式车库复兴等诸多元素令乐队与其他复古流行乐队区别开来。

2016年钟无力回国发展后对乐队人员进行了调整,担当过波特兰The Cry以及车库朋克Piss Test,加拿大The Mandates,Mother’s Children 以及The Mandates,俄罗斯摩登团The Riots,澳大利亚朋克乐队The Prowlers,匈牙利朋克乐队THE DERKOVBOIS,中国牙龈出血,生命之饼,台湾BB弹,伤心欲绝等嘉宾,2016年在奥地利,德国,匈牙利,捷克以及中国19站巡演,2017年台湾巡演。

The Sino Heart are a powerpop band from Beijing founded in Vienna, Austria in 2014 by Zhong who previously was involved in Viennese Punk Bands : Frankenstyle, Deecracks, Maltschicks Molodoi, 2nd Class Subsistutes. 2014 NYC based Real Punk Radio played their first single “Terminal Crisis” and over the last 2 years the band has toured in Austria, Hungary, Germany, China(HK,Taiwan) and has been opening for bands like The Cry(US), Mandates, Mother’s Children(CAN), Piss Test(US), The Riots(Rus), Ajinai(CN), Prowlers(CAN), SMZB(CN), Gum Bleed(CN). Musically they are heavily influenced by early Punk Rock or RNR bands like the Boys, the Barracudas, Buzzcocks, the Blue Hearts(JP), Registrators(JP), Joyside(CN), Real Kids, Ramones, Purple Hearts, Modernettes etc.

On the inheritance of classic rock’n roll beat the sino hearts are more intended to brand a “new-old school” Sound.

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The Beauty 美丽人生:

立在15年燥热的夏天,对英式的狂热让他们不能再沉默于无尽的平淡生活中。 跳出枯燥的圈,把烦琐的工作和无聊的生活变成朗朗上口的旋律。风格以英式为主,混杂了车库、舞曲朋克等。几经人员变动才形成现在稳定的阵容。

Disaster Chat:

“Disaster Chat is one of Beijing’s best original bands on the scene today. .Fresh pop sounds mixed with ambient rock melodies and cranking breakdowns marks the pleasantries any ears will experience when indulging in some DC bliss. Their mix of Chinese and English tunes creates the perfect atmosphere for todays China rock audience and they never leave their fans disappointed. If you are looking for a something other than Beijing’s endless sea of cover bands then Disaster Chat is the band for you. ” J.C. Denton

Disaster Chat 乐队是成立于2013年北京新晋的原创摇 滚乐队。清新的流⾏行元素结合Ambient 摇滚旋律,伴随清脆 穿透的演唱,音乐酣畅淋漓 。乐队成员来⾃自英国和美国, 但是在中国⽣生活背景成就了他们极具娱乐精神的现场表演。 如果你在北京眼花缭乱的摇滚乐⾥里迷失了⽅方向,这个目前备 受瞩目的乐队会让你眼前⼀一亮。— Borderless

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