A. Borealis

First of all, can you introduce yourself as an artist?

My artist name is A.Borealis (aka Shannon Lethbridge).  I paint, draw, sing, write and play music. 

What do you think about art in China? Do you know any other artist like you?

I enjoy the simplicity and elegance of traditional Chinese paintings. 

So far I haven’t come across other similar artist. 

What do you take inspiration from for your paintings and videos?

My paintings are inspired by nature and what is happening in my environment. I then create still-shot animations using my paintings. 

Who’s your favourite painter?

Vincent Van Gogh. Since I was young I’ve always been inspired by his abstract work and texture. 

And Gustav Klimt. I love how he relates and connects people to nature in an abstract form. 

You also play in a band and as a solo artist, what are you trying to express through all these different ways?

Yes, I play in a band called The Plum Trees that started off in Australia with my brother. We currently both live in China. I also perform solo as A.Borealis. 

I use music to communicate honestly with people. In my band I like to do improv singing, which is how we make songs now. It’s very empowering to have a band support improvised lyrics especially at live shows. Here, my lyrics are more mental than emotional. If I’m mad it’s a good way to release those emotions with the help of my band. On a whole it’s just my way of describing mental hurdles and releasing frustrations. 

My solo music is more emotional than mental. In my solo performances its really about what is going on in my heart and it’s a safe place for me to be vulnerable as well as be very direct with my words.  My solo performances are about me being honest with myself. 

Tell me more about your musical projects?

Recently my band released an original album.

Solo, I’ve been combining my art/animations with my music/writing. I organise “An Art Show” events where I showcase my music and art performances. It’s also a platform for other artist, writers and musicians to experiment and collaborate. 

Any art websites or music you want to share?

The Plum Trees music


An Art Show


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