Bob Dupont + The Slow Blade + Dr Drum Phil live at 404 in Kunming !

The Slow Blade:

“The Slow Blade”《缓刃》是Dann Gaymer (鬼鬼祟祟, New Age of Decay, Loooooongish Cat,Nekroma, 闪灵次
元, 脑波谱),他是英国出生的艺术家,过去十年一直生活在亚洲,周游世界。缓慢的刀刃声由电子民谣和布鲁斯组

The Slow Blade is the project of Dann Gaymer, (Guiguisuisui,New Age of Decay, Loooooongish Cat,
Nekroma, Shining Dimensions, Daftpop), a British born artist, who has spent the past decade living in Asia and touring the
world. The Slow Blade sound blends of electric blues, harmonica and slide guitar with trip hop beats, creating a
one man locomotive to outer space.

Bob Dupont:

Check “Dolphin Sandwich” and “Dancing to the voice of a dead man”, the latest album from Bob Dupont & The Outstanding Vegan Bankers”.

Bob Dupont :

Dr Drum Phil:

He is Dr Drum Phil !

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