Interview – The Last Resort

Hi Rambo (is your name really Rambo?), you play in The Last Resort, a band that will play on the 22 of June at Temple Bar as part of the Metal Night of The Beijing Underground Music Days, can you tell us more about your band ?

RE: No, Rambo is just my name in English, and my real name is Junyang Lun. Me and our bass player Link we have been in a band for almost 11 years. We came from the Punk rock scene and named our band in tribute to the famous English Oi! Band. We love music, but we chose Hardcore to represent us!

How did you start music and what lead you to get interested in Metal ?

RE: It was around 2005, the idea came to my mind for the first time when I saw a Skinhead Band called “Life for drinking”, they are the GOAT! Hardcore music lead me to Metal \m/ due to the fact they have some relationships 😉 and you can dig the new stuff from the Metal made on our own songs, it’s “Sexy and Heavy”.

What is your favorite album of 2018 so far ?

RE: Time & Space – Turnstile

What Chinese Metal Bands can you recommend to people who know nothing about Chinese Metal ?

RE: Tumourboy, and no offense to the other metal bands.

What do you think is the future of Metal in China ?

RE: I don’t have a clear view of the question, I just hope there will be more bands and we will marching. Also I hope there will be more people to support local bands.

Are you planning to record an album and do you have any links you want to share ?

RE: Yes,we will record our First EP this year but we need to schedule the time because we all have our jobs. You can find more about us through our Douban Site.

Anything you want to add ?

RE: Nope, just move your ass and come to the gig!

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