Music Day in Beijing – The line up, choose your destination.

The old courtyard at El Nido has been a regular host and supporter of the underground arts and culture scene for some time now.

In recent years the venue has hosted a bunch of DJ and in particular vinyl related events.
For this all day event there will be a bunch of underground vinyl Djs performing live and a daytime market with local zine artists displaying their work, as well as vinyl available for sale on the day.
In addition there will be a number of vintage sellers and curious available. The market will be on from 1-6pm and live DJs will perform through the day into the late evening.

Djang San + Band

Re-inventor of Chinese classical instruments zhongruan, guzheng and pipa, composer,
guitar player, one man orchestra, drummer, bass player, music pioneer and explorer of
new sounds, Djang San (Jean-Sébastien Héry) has been doing music in Asia since the
year 2000. An artist with many faces, Djang San has also won the battle of the bands in
Beijing and Hong Kong against 100 bands in the year 2011 with The Amazing Insurance Salesmen.

“张思安的真名是让 – 塞巴斯蒂安·艾利,是一个被中国乐坛熟知的法国艺术家。这个波尔 多人的音乐,与广播中的欧美和华语流行乐大相径庭,其曲风独一无二。他形容自己的音 乐“处在中西方文化的交汇点,也处在古典、摇滚、爵士、电子和实验音乐的交汇点上”。

Pierre Pradat

Pierre Pradat is one of the most requested musicians established in China. He has played thousands of shows all over the country at the greatest venues for more than a decade after relocating from France, including many for some of the top Chinese pop stars and movie directors. He is a highly versatile and creative artist, cultivating a mainstream jazz piano style balancing elegant lyrism and virtuosic energy with a great sense of swing. He is also specialized in playing Rhodes electric piano and analog synthesizers, and is very open-minded on other genre like Funk and Electronica. His main influences to name a few are Kenny Barron, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett.


Oshi is a reference and favourite for international acts, a French-born DJ/producer who has been based in China for most of the past decade.

Awarded the best Beijing DJ 2015, Oshi has been raised to the rank of underground superstar in China and he is behind the successful Bass night that can boast the bounciest dance floor of the capital: The Drop.

In 2013 and 2014, The Drop was in charge of The Electronic Stage at the Redbull in Music festival, for Day 1 of the Strawberry festival in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu

With his ability to push through the barriers of style and genre, Oshi “the Selector”, will take you on an aural bass-driven journey from future beats through UK house, grime, footwork, juke, drum’n’bass, trap/twerk, tropical house, techno, moombahton and more.

Uncle Hu

06.19 77 Theater, Beijing

Born in Chengdu, Beijing-based indie musician Uncle Hu has been making music under the influence of classic rock music in the 1960s, along with lo-fi / indie rock in the 1990s. Obsessed with exploring the potential of acoustic instruments, Uncle Hu released his debut album “When Memories Collide” in 2015. More recently, Uncle Hu has been performing with a full-band line-up.

White +

Their music flaunts some brilliant sparks as it reflects the duo’s minimalist taste, creating delicate structures surrounded by a field of noise. One of their fans described their live shows as “a detailed and accurate cell division;” it’s no surprise the well known noise band Health invited White+ to be the opening act of their China tour. 

From White to White+

The moniker “White” first appeared several years ago during the No Beijing movement, when Shouwang, frontman for the popular group Carsick Cars, formed the guitar sextet White Ensemble for a performance at the China avant-garde music festival “Sally Can’t Dance.” During the same period, Shouwang also formed a rock duo called White 2J as well as the better known White, all as outlets for his more experimental ideas. No matter what form it has taken in the past few years, Shouwang’s “White Project” has remained one of the pioneers of and driving forces behind China’s underground music scene.

Bob Dupont & The Outstanding Vegan Bankers

Bob Dupont & The Outstanding Vegan Bankers is a rock band of many different influences ranging from Frank Zappa to Radiohead, jazz music to Funk and more.
Their album « Dolphin Sandwich » is available everywhere.
Don’t miss them !

Poetry x Music

Poetry x Music est ravi et honoré de se produire le samedi 19 juin dans le cadre de Célébration de la Fête de la Musique à Pékin, organisée par l’Ambassade de France à Pékin. 
Poetry x Music explore l’interaction entre les mots et les notes, combinant poésie originale d’Anthony Tao avec des compositions musicales originales de musique classique de la guitariste Liane Halton. The Poetry x Music Band — qui inclut David Moser (piano), Ryan Etzcorn (batterie) et Jared Lang (basse) — a joué dans de nombreuses salles à Pékin comme par exemple The Bookworm, DDC, Temple, Modernista, Jianghu Bar, etc. Le concert à Camera Stylo le 19 juin sera accompagnée d’illustrations live digital de l’artiste Jen Rao. Le groupe sera rejoint sur scène par le violoniste Shawn Moore, un musicien de formation classique qui a fait des tournées dans le passé avec Natalie Merchant. 
Le groupe Poetry x Music Band ne ressemble à aucun autre. Apprenez-en plus sur ou suivez-les sur les réseaux sociaux (Instagram, Facebook, WeChat Channel) @poetryxmusic


House/It/lo disco/Electro/Indie d/nce

Influenced by synthesizers in the 80s and 90s and classic house music, with nostalgic elements and futuristic as the core, styles include
House/It/lo disco/Electro/Indie d/nce


THE AFRO-GENT a band of diverse style , talent , background and culture brings to you Afro-fusion. The Afro-gent covers all genre of music from Jazz , R&B , Neo soul, Blues , Reggae and Afro-beats with Afro-beats being its main genre. Afro-fusion is a genre that merges other style of music such as R&B , reggae, hiphop  with the traditional Afro-beats and The A.G. is more than well equipped for this.

Chen Hongwei and Yunti

Chen Hongwei and Yunti:

Chen Hongwei often participates in international jazz festivals.
Persistent singer, professional musician, guitarist, good at various guitar performances, composition and arrangement, good music producer, he belongs to a family of musicians and is a pianist, he has appeared several times in various recordings of great musicians in China and abroad.
In 1992, when Chinese popular music aligned with foreign music, he created the group “Rusty Iron”, and created many works.

His albums were released in large numbers, he played in many famous music clubs in Beijing at this time
and soon after was selected by the Beijing Song and Dance Ensemble as the group’s guitarist and performed in numerous concerts across the country and abroad.
Recently, Chen Hongwei has repeatedly participated in various music festivals and cooperated with well-known jazz musicians in China and abroad.

DJ Old Pig

DJ Old Pig and friends perform a back to back vinyl marathon set

DJ Old Pig 和其它DJ朋友们为大家放纯黑胶的马拉松

Zine Market

To celebrate story telling and comic art, we are bringing locally made zines for you guys! 


The Last Resort

The Last Resort 最后一招成立于2012年,金属影响下的硬核声调.

The Last Resort was established in 2012, the hardcore tone under the influence of metal, the dark and evil tranquilizer. Slow, heavy, and muddy. Below it, scattered melody drag you further into our music.


Beautifully articulated. Masterfully illustrated.
This quartet from Canada, Italy, and America combine crusty vocals, blast beats, driving bass lines, and quick riffs to give you some fast, and we know you need it. Because we sure as hell do.


S.H.A.S。北京SludgeDoom Metal乐队,成立于2016年,2018年发行专辑《Plight》。目前成员,吉他/主唱: 戴千乔;吉他: 王嘉廉。

Slash doom since 2016

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