Russian Roulette, punk from Beijing.

Hello Russian Roulette, can you introduce your band  ?

Hello we are Russian Roulette from Beijing

Can you describe your music style  ?

Our music is a mix of old school punk music and new school punk music. At the beginning we played old school punk music and some hardcore, but our vocalist has a bad throat and no singing techniques for screaming. Time passed and we changed our music style to an easier type.

Where did you get your band name from  ? What is the idea behind it  ?

I got our band name from a TV series names “Huo Lan Dao Feng” which is a story about the army. In the TV series they play a game of Russian roulette. It’s a killing game. In your round you need to use the revolver with just one weapon shooting on to your head. If you don’t die, you are the one winner and survivor. Our performance style is kind of suicidal so I think the name is very suitable for our gambling time. And I have been stoned on the stage many times:)

What are you trying to express with your music ?

Our music’s goal is about trying to tell about our contemporary life. We are students mostly who are in a gap between being mature and immature, suffering the pain of love and stress of life. We use our music to display our life and show our positive attitudes toward it. Sometimes we are defined as ‘fake punk’, nevertheless my point of view to define a punk is ‘do what you like and like what you do.’

What do you think of the Chinese music scene, what are your favorite Chinese bands/Foreign bands/artists ?

Chinese music scene is sometimes bad but I think it is rising now. Many key words such as ‘healthy punk’, ‘punk suddenly’ start to appear in our life on the internet and our life.

However just like overseas punk music is a minor aspect in the field. But an admirable thing is that more and more teens start to go to live houses to enjoy a show. Especially because of a big tv show, hip hop music becomes mainstream above all kind of business music. My favorite bands are Greenday, Sum41, Simple plan, some pure punk music bands. And some J-rock bands like 04limitedsazabys, good4nothing and Off Spring, 10feets. As to Chinese bands we all like Summer Sunshine, Recycle, Reflector, SMZB and Brain failure, some mainstream of Chinese punk rock band.

Do you already have an album out  ? It is in preparation  ? What can you tell us about your plans in 2018  ?

We had a single last year. And our new EP is under preparation and we started to record recently. It will have 3 of our latest songs, that is what we want to display and express through last year. And we will have a tour in May, including 12 provinces, you can focus on our Sina Weibo account @RussianRoulette俄罗斯轮盘赌


Is there anything you want to add  ?

We wanna show our special thank to Beijing Underground for inviting us to perform. It’s a very professional and earnest host and website. Support your local first and enjoy your show.

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