The Artists at the Loreli Affordable Art Market

3 of June 2018 at Yue Space.

Made in Collaboration with Loreli, the Affordable Art Market Showcases a large number of local artists from China. Here comes the Summer 2018 Affordable Art Market !

I’m an illustrator and artist, I make drawings, prints and conceptual artworks. By using drawing as a primary medium, I make work that deals with love, fear, betrayal and human relationships. I create compositions and settings that generate tranquil poetic images that comments on the absurdity on human relationships.
Artist name: Tallin
Tallin is a visual artist and illustrator working and living in Beijing. Her works remind you of that one summer when you were a child– carefree and full of dreams.

Artist name: Guxia.
My work talks about urban city life styles, fashion, music and subcultures. My interest lies in exploring city landscapes and local life styles from different cultures. Using water color and photography, I record things that inspire me while traveling.


 Li Yan (Demon)

Yan is a designer and illustrator working in Beijing. She illustrates folklores using traditional Chinese symbols such as dragons and swordsmen. 

Cai Ya Yi:
Anna Gale:
Anna Gale is a freelance illustrator and patch-painting zinester. Her artistic process comes from her background in craft studies, which involved getting her hands dirty. She stays true to that style today by hand-drawing each illustration and arranging them together into a cohesive body of art. Her style is inspired by the bold black lines seen in the old-school traditional style of tattooing, another love interest of hers.

Anna Gale 是一名独立插画师, 补片手绘师,原创独立杂志作者。她的艺术风格来自于研究手工工艺制作的背景——手上总是占满颜料。她秉持着纯粹的手绘艺术,并将它们凝聚到一起编织成完整的艺术作品。她的风格受复古传统纹身黑色粗线条样式的启发,当然,创作纹身图案也是她的另一大爱好。

BURY THE BONE is a series of zines about places you’ve heard of, places you’ve been and places you’ve never known to exist. Issue one explores Beijing’s hutongs, health tips and hidden hot spots. Issue Two revisits Beijing during the hot hot heat that summer time brings, from late night eats to the people you see in the streets.

BURY THE BONE 是一本系列独立杂志。她记录了一些你听说过的地方,你去过的地方或甚至你从未意识存在的地方。系列一探索了北京胡同、当地中药偏方、还有隐藏在胡同里的特色小店。系列二重温了北京那个酷热难耐的夏天、夜市小吃和擦肩而过的街头过客。



毕业于北工大壁画系(fine art),伦艺(camberwell college of art, MFA illustration)插画研究生在读
毕业设计漫画《云上之国》(on the cloud)正在进行中
大学期间及毕业后作为freelance illustrator工作

“人具有动物性&动物具有人性” 的主题


Hole in the Wall is a collective founded by illustrators Jinna and Shui. They create illustrations inspired by Beijing’s underground culture, displaying them as zines, wall murals and prints. Overwhelmed by the vibrant energy of the city, they wanted to document the young, the excited and the lost. Hence the first issue of their zine was born. Since then they have taken part in various creative events and have published two more issues focusing on bars, hutongs and their inhabitants.

《Hole in the Wall》是一本由Jinna 和 Shui这两位插画师联合创办的插画小合集。他们的创作取材于北京地区,并以独立出版物、壁饰、插画作品等形式进行展览。



Aurélien Foucault is a photographer whose images oscillate between documentary and fine art.
His varied body of work ranges from late-night punk bars to artistic nudes or the peaceful mountains of Xinjiang.
More of his work can be seen at

Liuba Draws (Liuba Vladimirovafollows her passion and pursues a career of freelance illustrator and artist. Living in Beijing for more than six years now, it has become a new home for Liuba, with amazing experiences and a deep love for the city, which she wants to share with everyone. People both visiting or living in China are excited to discover all the quirky things they love about this country hidden in the art of Liuba Draws. Right now Liuba is developing her own brand, Liuba Draws, with a number of products such as prints, cards, keychains, magnets and calendars that she sells at various markets and stores. Liuba is also available for personal and business commissions. Please visit her website for more information. 


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