The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days Recap Video.

The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days happened this year in June 2018 in Beijing at Yue Space, Soï Baochao, DDC, Café de la Poste, School Bar and Temple Bar. Here is a recap video of it using mainly short clips of videos made by several people in the audience with there phones and video recording devices.

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It was a pleasure for me to organize this event, the only one of its kind in China, the only event trying to promote all the music and culture in the Chinese capital, regardless of nationality and art form, coming from Chinese and international artists alike, living in the city and going through it.

Special thanks to all the people, venues, artists, all the mind blowing people and organizations who made this event possible and believed enough in me to create it.

On to the next one !
Sincerely yours, Djang San (Jean-Sébastien Héry).


Beijing Underground presents… Yes : Art and Music

Beijing Underground presents… Yes : Art and Music is an event featuring multiple artist/music collaborations in a live performance setting. Whether projections of the artist’s work casted among the music or an entirely live art experience, the event is sure to be of a different kind.

Jukka Ahonen 有丰富的演奏朋克,progressive, kraut, space, 民谣,爵士,蓝调等音乐的经验。作为作曲家,除了为乐队写作外,还有兴趣对结构(aleatory)和复杂的节奏(polyrhytms,polymeters 和 odd


Jukka Ahonen plays guitar, bass, keyboards some flutes and composes music. He has a history of playing musics like punk, progressive rock, krautrock, spacerock, post-rock, folk, jazz, blues.

As a composer, besides writing for bands, he is interested about experimenting with structure (aleatory) and unusual rhythmic textures (polyrhytms, polymeters, and odd time) as well as different intonations (just intonation and overtones) and improvisation.

Jukka majored in Music Anthropology but studied playing instruments by himself. He has been playing guitar since the mid 90’s and teaching guitar since 2012.










Bio: Born of a hellhound and the Bull of Heaven, Chris—named after the sound made by the tab being pulled from a soda can—is a real artist, not a phony. He draws his inspiration from nature, and his work is noted for its realistic depictions of both man and beast. Some have criticized his work for lacking diversity, citing the paucity of the female form in his oeuvre. However, he has answered that criticism by pointing out his inability to draw breasts, and he insists that it is not due to latent homersexuality, as many critics have speculated.

Sardine is Back and the Wheel is Broken is an improvised punk band.


Jordan Darling has a voice that could break your heart and make you fall in love all at once!

Her style of melodic indie-folk music feels modern and refreshing, yet she wears a wide variety of influences on her sleeves, ranging from classic artists such as  Joni Mitchell and The Cardigans, to innovative performers like Rilo Kiley and Imogen Heap, only to mention a few.

Jordan had the chance to travel throughout the world, playing her heartfelt and passionate songs to audiences in the United States, Israel, and China. Her lyrics come from a very personal place, bridging the gaps between genuine introspection and whimsical artistry…half heart, half art!





Film photographer, based in Beijing

Her personal photographic work contains a large number of film works, focusing on shooting portrait, good at using lens language to describe the characters’ emotions. She has her own understanding of love and life, which makes her work have a unique texture, always able to settle a quiet and powerful moment. In her photos, you can see the emotions that are ordinary and precious, beautiful and lost, broken and bright, just like the taste of our life.

Christophe is a French born and educated photographer who studied fine art painting and related beaux arts in Paris in the mid-1980s. Initially a fine art painter with a large body of work in oil painting, inks and lead drawings.

From January 2016 onward he devoted two years of solid daily work to the mastery of the camera, the lens, negatives and associated editing softwares while working on a wide variety of portfolios to create his own unique style.

Having chosen black & white photography as his main tool for artistic expression and almost invariably concentrating on the quality of the light to make his contrasts compelling, we can recognise some of the techniques and feelings created under an ink brush or a graphite pencil or even an oily texture as the subject may be.

In December 2017 Christophe received two awards from Beijing, one for Excellence in work being presented and another one as second prize in a competition. In 2016 Christophe did receive an Honour award from VSCO Select for curated work showing exceptional content from around the world.




Li Er Yang.

Bust out the facekinis and do the shimmy, the swim, the mashed potato, the twist, and the watusi to 1950s and ’60s rockabilly, surf, garage, jazz, soul and funk. DJ Boss Cuts is a collector of original 45s from the United States, Australia, Italy and Japan and has performed at Temple, Dada, School, and 4 Corners.

现在,就请揭掉你防晒用的面具,让飘散在雾霾之上的紫外线从皮肤径直照射进你我灵魂,随着1950和1960年代的山区乡村摇滚, 车库摇滚, 爵士, 灵魂乐,放克和土豆泥跳起希米舞步,与瓦图西族共同扭动腰肢。DJ Boss Cuts网罗美国,澳洲,意大利, 日本等地最牛逼冲浪原盘,45s和12”,在Temple,Dada,School, 和4 Corners等地有过精彩呈现。

Chandoso draws upon influences from life spent in the streets of Bogotá, Madrid and Beijing.  Chandoso’s work occasionally capitalizes on exploring spontaneity -while other work focuses on  conveting a deeper rhetoric. Just as punk music is all at once chaotic and clear, Chandoso is a departure from the traditional rules of art.