The Art Market is back ! 7 April at El Nido/The Other Place

The Loreli Affordable Art Market is back, don’t miss this on the 7 April at El Nido/The Other Place from 1PM.

Be there !

No.1 Langjiahutong, Beiluoguxiang

Check a few words from Loreli on the market and some pictures of previous events.

Loreli says:

时间 4月7日(周日)下午1-6点

地址 北锣鼓巷郎家胡同1号方糖隔壁

都有谁 插画师 摄影师 设计师 画家 等等

干啥呢 春天来市集逛逛,买买小画儿,认识你最喜欢的插画师~

现场还有DJ- 来自英国的DJ Dan 和 南非的V

Introducing DJs of the day- Dan R,With early musical roots filling many of the clichéd DJ bio tropes, Bass Ventura brings an eclectic mix of whatever’s on his hard-drive, to fit any mood. As long as that mood calls for copious amounts of percussion and/or horn sections.

And V,

Hi, I’m V from Cape Town, South Africa. I have played many living rooms and BBQ’s and even made playlists for some cool bars. I have DJed my own birthday party. I like to play songs that I like that I hope you like.

Come grab your zines, illustrations, cards, prints, originals, paintings. Bring your

friends, family, enemies, in-laws.

带上盆友 家人 敌人 来小院儿感受春天的温柔的风~

Come for the art, stay for the booze


When April 7th, 1pm-6pm

Where No.1 Langjiahutong, Beiluoguxiang

When April 7th, 1pm-6pm

Where No.1 Langjiahutong, Beiluoguxiang

时间 4月7日(周日)下午1-6点

地址 北锣鼓巷郎家胡同1号方糖隔壁

With artists such as Datouer, XIE Meng, Sam Watt, Lin, Black Rabbit, Sam Kay, Xiaohan, Demon, Zhangchi, Andreis, jiasilee, Aurélien, Fei Fei , Julia (CAN SHARE), HITW, Joy, come see there art and buy some !

New art market coming up ! Don’t miss this.

The Loreli Affordable Art Market, Christmas edition.

Sponsored by “Beijing Underground”

北锣鼓巷的EL-NIDO the other place举办,

LORELI 买得起的艺术市集 节日版

This time, we are joined with 16 artists, arranging from tattoos artists to street photographers to illustrators, and many more….here is a sneak peek

*Artists sneak peek*


Liuba Draws是住北京俄罗斯独立艺术家及插画师。


经过7年有余的北京⽣活,这⾥俨然已经成为了Liuba的第⼆故乡。带着对这个城市深切的热爱,她决定通过⾃⼰的画笔与⼤家分享这份深情。⽆论你是否了解北京— Liuba 的笔触都能带着你的视⻆纵览这个⽂化与⺠俗兼容并蓄的千年古城。⽬前Liuba的个⼈品牌 – Liuba Draws带着⼀系列⽣趣可爱的⼩物件在北京城内⼏个知名的市场上有售。


Liuba Draws has been living in Beijing for more than 7 years now, it has become a new home for Liuba, with amazing experiences and a deep love for a city, which she wants to share with everyone. People both visiting or living in China are excited to discover all the quirky things they love about this country hidden in the art of Liuba Draws. Right now Liuba is developing her own brand, Liuba Draws, with a number of products such as prints, cards, keychains, magnets, mugs and more. Wechat: @liubatje

FEI FEI is an illustrator and printmaker working in Beijing. She started working full-time as an illustrator after studying in the UK. She finds tremendous pleasure in drawing human figures.

FEI FEI 是一个生活在北京的插画师,喜欢画人

Hole in the Wall 是由Jinna 和Shui联合创办的插画小合集。我们的创作取材于北京地下文化,并以独立出版物、壁饰、插画作品等形式进行展览。由于深刻地体会到这个城市强大的生命力,我们想记录下生活在如此背景下的人。因此,我们第一本独立小杂志就这样诞生了。自那以后,我们便参加了很多和创意相关的活动和集会。这期间,我们在第一本的基础上又出版了三本独立小杂志。而这次,我们重点关注的是酒吧、胡同,以及活跃在里面的人们.

Hole in the Wall is a collective focused on recording urban youth culture. We create illustrations inspired by Beijing’s underground scene, displaying them as zines, wall murals and prints. Overwhelmed by the vibrant energy of the city, we wanted to document the young, the excited and the lost. Hence the first issue of our zine was born. Since then we have taken part in various creative events and have published more issues focusing on bars, hutongs and their inhabitants.

Our latest issue ON STAGE focuses on performance. We have recorded various musicians, artists, DJs and VJs in three cities, exploring the different ways creatives collaborate with each other. This is part of our ongoing efforts to shine a light on the underground scene through illustrations.

Irina was born on 15th February, 1965, she graduated from Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Art-Graphic faculty. During her trip around Europe in 2000, she became a member of “The Association of Russian painters in Paris”.

Irina displayed her works in more than 40 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Her paintings are in Russian cultural centre (Damascus, Syria), Rathaus (Kassel, Germany), Novosibirsk Consulate of Germany, Novosibirsk ArtGallery, Tomsk Art Museum, Novosibirsk Center of Science and also private collections in Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Syria, USA, Israel).

李琳, 做自己喜欢的东西来吸引我喜欢的人们.

FRIDAY TATTOO, 来自FRIDAY TATTOO的文身师叁和老明, 商品都是我们日常的原创手稿和插画.

Sam is a PhD student and photographer.

Jiasilee illustration works mainly about urban city lifestyle and vintage subculture, exploring city landscapes and local lifestyle from different cultures. Main products are a Beijing Hutong travel guide book,London City map illustrations,Chongqing City landscape printing, etc.




Food & Drinks


El-Nido will prepare delicious 15kuai tacos, and 40kuai mulled wine.


Also, we are joined by The Blck Lab coffee, come and grab a latte and sit down for a portrait drawing!



Prick those ears, and open those minds because The Nasty Wizards are back at El Nido to hold their title as heavyweight champions of the obsolete formats, whilst The Lorelians challenge them in a completely handicapped and unfair battle of cassette vs…HDD.

It’s the ultimate battle between past VS present, nostalgic VS new, analogue VS digital.

How many rounds will this battle royale rumble the room before either the neighbours complain or Zak gets annoyed? How many Will Smith songs can one possibly handle in any concentrated period of time? Have the Nasty Wizards brought enough batteries?

There’s only one way to find out!



See you there!

LORELI 买得起的艺术市集 节日版




Affordable Art Market, 19 August 2018 @ Yue Space, don’t miss it !

The Loreli Affordable Art Market is back and the Beijing Underground Summer Music Days have been extended to integrate the event as part of it !

Don’t miss this, here is some of what you’ll see there.

MeCoy Mania

漫写慢画MeCoy Mania,本土自由绘画者/设计师/原创艺术衍生品,作品多以色彩艳丽的随性创作为主,喜欢描绘简单诙谐的身边事物,尝试不同材质、材料、颜料的手工及绘画。









Spittoon Literary Magazine is the only literary magazine in China focusing on publishing the freshest Chinese literature translated into English. Named one of the ‘top literary magazines in Asia’, Spittoon Literary Magazine features poetry and fiction from voices not commonly heard in English.



CUE is a project born out of Spittoon – a creative arts collective based in Beijing and Chengdu. CUE, an acronym for Chinese Urban Expression takes the most innovative and promising young artists residing in China’s cities and commissions them to create comics.

Each issue of CUE will contain contributions from four to six artists hand-selected by our editorial team. Each artist is given 15 pages to develop their own stories and environments. One of the major goals of this project is to showcase a diverse array of artistic styles, narrative themes, and story-telling strategies. Some of our artists contribute self-contained single stories to the project, while others are developing concepts that will continue across multiple issues of the publication.

Sam Kay

There are large reserves of untapped beauty and guile in the everyday, hiding in plain sight in fleeting moments. I try to find them. 

If you live in Beijing, my photos will probably feel familiar. You’ll wonder if you saw that scene on your way here. You probably did.  

FEI FEI is an illustrator living and working in Beijing.

Hole in the Wall is a collective founded by illustrators Jinna and Shui. We create illustrations inspired by Beijing’s underground culture, displaying them as zines, wall murals and prints. Overwhelmed by the vibrant energy of the city, we wanted to document the young, the excited and the lost. Hence the first issue of our zine was born. Since then we have taken part in various creative events and have published two more issues focusing on bars, hutongs and their inhabitants.

Hole in the Wall》是一本由Jinna Shui这两位插画师联合创办的插画小合集。我们的创作取材于北京地区,并以独立出版物、壁饰、插画作品等形式进行展览。由于深刻地体会到这个城市强大的生命力,我们想记录下生活在如此背景下的人儿。可以是正值芳华的年轻人,可以是事业得意的北漂族,也可以是失意迷茫的学生党等等。因此,我们第一本独立小杂志就这样诞生了。自那以后,我们便参加了很多和创意相关的活动和集会。这期间,我们在第一本的基础上又出版了两本独立小杂志。而这次,我们重点关注的是酒吧、胡同,以及活跃在里面的人们。

—-Nathan Wang from Neocha

Liuba Draws has been living in Beijing for more than 7 years now, it has become a new home for Liuba, with amazing experiences and a deep love for a city, which she wants to share with everyone. People both visiting or living in China are excited to discover all the quirky things they love about this country hidden in the art of Liuba Draws. Right now Liuba is developing her own brand, Liuba Draws, with a number of products such as prints, cards, keychains, magnets, mugs and more. Wechtat: @liubatje

Julia is a doodler from Toronto who likes to dabble in everything. Her drawings are mostly done in a stream of consciousness.




Anna Gale is an American illustrator/painter/zinester/print maker residing in Beijing. Her works range from one-off hand-painted patches, postcard and poster prints to zines. She is heavily influenced by the art of traditional tattoo design, and day-to-day sketches, portraits, and doodles. The newest addition to her collection is the first issue of a zine titled “Bury the Bone”, which takes you on a journey to places you’ve been, only heard of, or never known to exist.

The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days Recap Video.

The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days happened this year in June 2018 in Beijing at Yue Space, Soï Baochao, DDC, Café de la Poste, School Bar and Temple Bar. Here is a recap video of it using mainly short clips of videos made by several people in the audience with there phones and video recording devices.

Click on the first image to see it on Youtube.
Click on the second image to see it on Youku.
Click on the third image to see it on Facebook.


It was a pleasure for me to organize this event, the only one of its kind in China, the only event trying to promote all the music and culture in the Chinese capital, regardless of nationality and art form, coming from Chinese and international artists alike, living in the city and going through it.

Special thanks to all the people, venues, artists, all the mind blowing people and organizations who made this event possible and believed enough in me to create it.

On to the next one !
Sincerely yours, Djang San (Jean-Sébastien Héry).


Beijing Underground presents… Yes : Art and Music

Beijing Underground presents… Yes : Art and Music is an event featuring multiple artist/music collaborations in a live performance setting. Whether projections of the artist’s work casted among the music or an entirely live art experience, the event is sure to be of a different kind.

Jukka Ahonen 有丰富的演奏朋克,progressive, kraut, space, 民谣,爵士,蓝调等音乐的经验。作为作曲家,除了为乐队写作外,还有兴趣对结构(aleatory)和复杂的节奏(polyrhytms,polymeters 和 odd


Jukka Ahonen plays guitar, bass, keyboards some flutes and composes music. He has a history of playing musics like punk, progressive rock, krautrock, spacerock, post-rock, folk, jazz, blues.

As a composer, besides writing for bands, he is interested about experimenting with structure (aleatory) and unusual rhythmic textures (polyrhytms, polymeters, and odd time) as well as different intonations (just intonation and overtones) and improvisation.

Jukka majored in Music Anthropology but studied playing instruments by himself. He has been playing guitar since the mid 90’s and teaching guitar since 2012.










Bio: Born of a hellhound and the Bull of Heaven, Chris—named after the sound made by the tab being pulled from a soda can—is a real artist, not a phony. He draws his inspiration from nature, and his work is noted for its realistic depictions of both man and beast. Some have criticized his work for lacking diversity, citing the paucity of the female form in his oeuvre. However, he has answered that criticism by pointing out his inability to draw breasts, and he insists that it is not due to latent homersexuality, as many critics have speculated.

Sardine is Back and the Wheel is Broken is an improvised punk band.


Jordan Darling has a voice that could break your heart and make you fall in love all at once!

Her style of melodic indie-folk music feels modern and refreshing, yet she wears a wide variety of influences on her sleeves, ranging from classic artists such as  Joni Mitchell and The Cardigans, to innovative performers like Rilo Kiley and Imogen Heap, only to mention a few.

Jordan had the chance to travel throughout the world, playing her heartfelt and passionate songs to audiences in the United States, Israel, and China. Her lyrics come from a very personal place, bridging the gaps between genuine introspection and whimsical artistry…half heart, half art!





Film photographer, based in Beijing

Her personal photographic work contains a large number of film works, focusing on shooting portrait, good at using lens language to describe the characters’ emotions. She has her own understanding of love and life, which makes her work have a unique texture, always able to settle a quiet and powerful moment. In her photos, you can see the emotions that are ordinary and precious, beautiful and lost, broken and bright, just like the taste of our life.

Christophe is a French born and educated photographer who studied fine art painting and related beaux arts in Paris in the mid-1980s. Initially a fine art painter with a large body of work in oil painting, inks and lead drawings.

From January 2016 onward he devoted two years of solid daily work to the mastery of the camera, the lens, negatives and associated editing softwares while working on a wide variety of portfolios to create his own unique style.

Having chosen black & white photography as his main tool for artistic expression and almost invariably concentrating on the quality of the light to make his contrasts compelling, we can recognise some of the techniques and feelings created under an ink brush or a graphite pencil or even an oily texture as the subject may be.

In December 2017 Christophe received two awards from Beijing, one for Excellence in work being presented and another one as second prize in a competition. In 2016 Christophe did receive an Honour award from VSCO Select for curated work showing exceptional content from around the world.




Li Er Yang.

Bust out the facekinis and do the shimmy, the swim, the mashed potato, the twist, and the watusi to 1950s and ’60s rockabilly, surf, garage, jazz, soul and funk. DJ Boss Cuts is a collector of original 45s from the United States, Australia, Italy and Japan and has performed at Temple, Dada, School, and 4 Corners.

现在,就请揭掉你防晒用的面具,让飘散在雾霾之上的紫外线从皮肤径直照射进你我灵魂,随着1950和1960年代的山区乡村摇滚, 车库摇滚, 爵士, 灵魂乐,放克和土豆泥跳起希米舞步,与瓦图西族共同扭动腰肢。DJ Boss Cuts网罗美国,澳洲,意大利, 日本等地最牛逼冲浪原盘,45s和12”,在Temple,Dada,School, 和4 Corners等地有过精彩呈现。

Chandoso draws upon influences from life spent in the streets of Bogotá, Madrid and Beijing.  Chandoso’s work occasionally capitalizes on exploring spontaneity -while other work focuses on  conveting a deeper rhetoric. Just as punk music is all at once chaotic and clear, Chandoso is a departure from the traditional rules of art.

Scream Maker – Metal from Poland at the Beijing Underground

Interview by Chairman Wow (Marshall) 

When did you guys get started?

We started in 2010. Since then recorded three albums, one of them re-released in China (We Are Not The Same), played over 350 shows, including big festivals like Metalfest in Czech Republic, Powerfest in Poland or Midi/Strawberry in China. We had the pleasure to share stage with Motorhead, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Tarja Turunen, Saxon and many more.

What is the music scene like in your hometown?

We are based in Warsaw which is the capital of Poland so the music scene is very, very diversified and rich in various bands and solo artists. The Metal scene is very strong, especially if we’re talking about heavy, power, stoner or death metal.

What is the best and worst show you’ve ever played?

There were two best shows with no doubt – the one with Motorhead and the one with Judas Priest. Amazing experiences not only to play with but also to get to know those legends. Sadly, Lemmy passed away. He was a hero. The worst show? I think it was when we played some years ago before Primal Fear and had no time for soundcheck. We sounded like shit and were very upset for this very reason.

What have you heard about rock music in China?

We’ve been to China 4 times already and heard a lot of bands. There is this classic band Tang Dynasty. Great one! But we noticed you have a lot of new metal stuff around and you like experiments in music. I think there is a lot to look forward about music scene in China. Young people love energy, rock brings energy and you have millions of young people 🙂

What should people in China know about the music scene in Poland?

That Poland is not only Chopin! We have lots of interesting bands. You may have heard of Behemot or Vader, but we do have a lot more. I think there is also a place for Chinese bands in Poland. This fact is proven by the regular visits of Chinese bands in Poland, that one of your bands has been playing our country for 2 or 3 years – Nine Treasures.

How much can you drink?

Depends. We Poles used to drink a lot and there is this opinion that normal rules of drinking do not apply to us and Russians. I personally can drink less and less – I am not 20 anymore, but 32 already 🙂 But on tour… you better be careful, especially if you are a singer. Drinking and partying all night can kill your voice 🙂

See Scream Maker on the Metal Night of The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days on the 22 of June 2018 !



Interview – The Last Resort

Hi Rambo (is your name really Rambo?), you play in The Last Resort, a band that will play on the 22 of June at Temple Bar as part of the Metal Night of The Beijing Underground Music Days, can you tell us more about your band ?

RE: No, Rambo is just my name in English, and my real name is Junyang Lun. Me and our bass player Link we have been in a band for almost 11 years. We came from the Punk rock scene and named our band in tribute to the famous English Oi! Band. We love music, but we chose Hardcore to represent us!

How did you start music and what lead you to get interested in Metal ?

RE: It was around 2005, the idea came to my mind for the first time when I saw a Skinhead Band called “Life for drinking”, they are the GOAT! Hardcore music lead me to Metal \m/ due to the fact they have some relationships 😉 and you can dig the new stuff from the Metal made on our own songs, it’s “Sexy and Heavy”.

What is your favorite album of 2018 so far ?

RE: Time & Space – Turnstile

What Chinese Metal Bands can you recommend to people who know nothing about Chinese Metal ?

RE: Tumourboy, and no offense to the other metal bands.

What do you think is the future of Metal in China ?

RE: I don’t have a clear view of the question, I just hope there will be more bands and we will marching. Also I hope there will be more people to support local bands.

Are you planning to record an album and do you have any links you want to share ?

RE: Yes,we will record our First EP this year but we need to schedule the time because we all have our jobs. You can find more about us through our Douban Site.

Anything you want to add ?

RE: Nope, just move your ass and come to the gig!

Interview – Li Er Yang, breaking through.

Hi Li Er Yang, I believe you have participated in Beijing Underground events before, what’s new since the last time we met ?


I’m still growing and breaking through.

What’s your favorite music to listen to? What was your favorite album in 2018 so far ?

我喜欢能给我突破的音乐,探索神秘,富有灵魂。这是一种直觉,无关音乐风格。最喜欢的 2018 年唱片?可能还没有。

I like the music which can give me a breakthrough, exploring the mystery, full of soul. It’s intuitive, not about music style. Favorite 2018 album? Probably not have yet.


Are you planning to record an album in 2018? do you have a demo or album already released?


Yes, I am recording. There are some old demos on Netease cloud music that can be heard.

How did you start music and why? Which instrument did you start on?


I felt that something was leading me, that I was pursuing my passion. I started with the guitar

Do you have any other projects now than your solo project ?


I’m going to start a  band project. I’m working with a percussion player.

Anything you want to add ?


Come and see something.

Hear some of Li Er Yang’s music here, he will be playing at the Beijing Underground Music Days, Music Week at Temple Bar on the 19 of June 2018, don’t miss this !

Swarrm, progressive rock with a twist ?

Around  one month ago, Djang San asked me if Subtropical Asia would like to be involved in the Beijing Underground  music days that he is organizing. His suggestion was that we presented a band that we like and make an interview. Among all the bands from all the labels in China I felt a band that deserved some recognition and exposure is SWARRM. SWARRM is a band that looks and sound so experienced that every time I see them around small underground venues in Beijing such as Temple and School I ask myself: “why are these guys playing here?” I mean, their sounds may be too heavy for most of the people and they for sure don’t have the fresh young attitude in sound and looks to strike young kids in a search for a band to be devoted to. No! SWARRM is mature, dark, moody, violent and decadent. A power trio that fusions heavy rock with a touch of progressive and noise.

I had a very short and direct chat with GAOXIAFENG, the charming guitarist/aggressive riff machine of the band to know more about him and the band, here it goes:

First, can you introduce yourself? Name, age, born & raised place?

“My name is Gao Xiao Fang 38 years old I was born and grew up in Beijing”

how long have you been playing music?

“I have been playing music for 18 years”

and how long has SWARRM been together?

“SWARRM was founded about 1 year ago”

Are u married? do you have kids?

“I got married, I have two kids”

Why do you use makeup? It looks gorgeous! but are there any other special reason beyond looking fabulous?

” I love make up since I was 20 years old, first make-up was a hobby for me, not that I want to express anything else I think”

What does the name SWARRM mean ?

“SWARRM means SWARRM of worms”

As I am a musician I know that you guys are highly skilled and experienced artists, so what brings you guys to play in small bars and venues? Are you doing this for fun?

“We’re not very picky about where we’re going to play”

Any plans for recording and tours?

“We are going to have some singles and tours this year. When ? Im not sure”

Cool! Thanks for you time.

“You are very welcome”

Listen to Swarrm here:


Interview – Nocturnes 曳取, Making lines and codes in China.

Hi Nocturnes, can you introduce yourselves and your music?

Hey, we’re Nocturnes曳取, an Indie-Electronic band based in Beijing. Weidu sings and Dave plays some instruments. We’re really interested in the idea of combining live music with a more electronic DJ-like setup, bringing a more performative element to electronic pop music. If you like Coldplay, Bonobo or Foals then you’ll probably see elements of those bands in our work. In Beijing, we’re probably most similar to Nova Heart or Da Bang’s newer material.

Nocturnes曳取是一支来自中国北京的独立电子乐队,乐队有两名成员:萎度,主唱/作曲/作词;大卫,吉他/编曲/制作。他们的音乐动情迷人,氛围感和沉浸感极强,将现场音乐和DJ set融合在一起,乐迷认为兼顾了Foals的情怀力道,Bonobo的灵动迷幻,以及Coldplay的流行张力。

Why is your band called Nocturnes? How did you two meet?

Dave: I came to China in 2015, and had a short-lived band called Palaces that broke up soon after I arrived. I needed to find someone to work with, but I had grown a little jaded of playing in bands and wanted to take a more commanding role with music in terms of instrumentation. Vocals were a weak point of mine so I posted an ad on to find a singer. I had tons of replies, despite how terrible my Chinese was at that time, but one voice in particular stood out, Weidu’s. While everyone else was striving to have that high Mandopop style voice, Weidu had her own very unique tone. She had never written a song at that point, but I still knew she was the one I needed to work with.


People talked to me about your band and I listened to your album on bandcamp and liked it, what is the album about? Can you tell us more about it?

Dave: Our album is called Lines Written in Code, our debut LP. We spent a super long time on this, really trying to make everything consistent, and to give the album its own distinct sonic signature. Having a cohesive set of songs was very important to us, and we were still making changes up to the very last minute. In fact, one of our favorites on the record, Free Falling, was added about a month after everything else was finished and sent for mastering. I just knew it was the perfect addition to the album.

大卫:这张专辑叫做《密眸》,是我们的第一张正式专辑。我们花了很多心思在上面,想要为大家呈现一个属于曳取,有辨识度,同时调性又非常统一的整体声音感觉。专辑中我们最喜欢的一首歌是Free Falling《自由落体》,这首歌是最后一刻加入专辑的,当时直觉告诉我它属于这张专辑。

Weidu: I’d like to say I’m very proud of this album. It’s our first LP that we dedicated so much, maybe over one and a half years? Every time I listened to it, I was trying to think about where we were and what we were doing at that time when that song was born, haha. Lyrically, the whole album, I mean every song delivers a specific thought of mine, what I’ve been thru, and what I’ve learned from that experience. So yeah, it’s like a secret message for every song, such a valuable gift from last year, something to remember when I get old, haha.


What’s your favorite music to listen to? What was your favorite album in 2018 so far ?

Dave: I listen to quite a wide range of music, so picking a favorite album is pretty hard. In terms of Chinese releases, I’m a big fan of Hiperson’s new album. They recorded the whole thing on an 8-track apparently, and it just gives it this really cool, punk aesthetic. As a producer, I am incredibly guilty of listening to cheesy mainstream music and taking it apart to study and learn from. In that regard, Charlie Puth’s VoiceNotes, which just came out, is amazing. It has this really cool throwback R&B sound and it gives his music this nice edge versus his first album, which was way too sickly sweet for me.

Listen to the album here.

大卫:我听得挺杂的,所以选一首最爱的专辑太难了。中文的话,海朋森的新专挺好听的。8首歌一气呵成的感觉,有朋克的真和美在里面。但作为一个制作人来讲,我不得不承认自己很喜欢听主流的,甚至被认为很俗的流行歌,比如Charlie Puth新出的VoiceNotes就很好听,我觉得比起他的第一张专辑来说,这一张偏复古的R&B感觉很酷很潮。

Weidu: I don’t have a specific genre to listen to, usually I just browsing personal recommendation song list from, that could range from electronic music, to indie rock, to rap, maybe. Personally, I think the album, I, from WAV, it’s Canadian indie band, really stands out.


Are you planning to record an album in 2018?

Dave: We just released our album in December, and I think the process aged me about 10 years, so we’d like to take a break from albums for a bit! That being said, we’re always writing songs, and we’re putting the finishing touches at the moment to a new single, and a new EP. I’m pretty excited about this new EP, it’s a lot groovier (not in the Austin Powers sense) than our album, probably inflected a bit from Charlie Puth’s album like I mentioned earlier. My partner refers to the new single – called Any Kind of Mood – as the perfect soundtrack to a Kung Fu movie, so if Jet Li happens to be reading this, get in touch.

大卫:刚在去年12月发了专辑,感觉老了十年,想缓缓。但其实我们一直都在写新歌,为每首歌找到属于它们的位置。下一张EP我很期待,会更groovy一些(这个单词无法翻译哈哈),估计是受到了Charlie Puth的影响。我女朋友说我们的下一首歌Any Kind of Mood《私人情绪》,简直是功夫片的绝佳配乐。所以李连杰先生,如果您看到这篇文章了,和我们联络一下,谢谢您!

Weidu: We’ll release a new single in this July, and a new EP next year. The new single is called Any Kind of Mood, probably the best lyrics coming out from me, a lot of fans like it when we test play it live, during the tour. And for the EP, we really tried to put in the groovy songs that are different than the previous album, so I’m really looking forward to it.

萎度:我们会在7月发一首新单,在明年发新的EP。新单叫做Any Kind of Mood《私人情绪》,恨不得是我写过最满意的词了吧,哈哈。在巡演和很多现场试着演了一下,很多人喜欢。对于下一张EP来说,我们尽可能把手上最优质的作品放在一起,所以我满怀期待。

How did you start music and why? Which instrument did you start on?

Dave: I got into music a little late, picking up the guitar at 16, and heading to music college completely unprepared at 18. For me, it was the only thing I never got bored of. I tend to flit from thing to thing pretty quickly, but music has captivated me from the start. I realized soon after I began that I was never going to be the most technical, so since then I’ve tried to pursue individuality in sound instead. I started with guitar, which is still the only instrument I really consider myself any way proficient in. I took up piano a couple of years later. This year marks 10 years since I picked up an instrument in fact. I’m not sure I would ever have imagined myself playing this kind of music on the other side of the world 10 years ago!


What’s your favorite thing about playing music in Beijing, how does it compare to other countries in the world?

Dave: Beijing is unlike anywhere else in the world for music. Back home in Ireland, music so often is in the background, a complement to a night of drinking, instead of the main focus. Here, people are so much more willing to give their attention to bands, even completely new ones. I’ve been at school bar where new, objectively terrible, bands have taken to the stage, and people still give them their time. That was the case with us 2 years ago, when we were super super shit, and it’s something I still hold dear to me now. China has the best music audiences in the world.


What’s your favorite Chinese band/artist/song you would like to introduce to the rest of the world?

Dave: I truly believe the stage is set for the first Chinese bands to become globally famous in the near future, especially with the achievements of bands like Re-tros recently. I think the most accessible bands for foreign audiences would be Nova Heart, Future Orients and Glow Curve, and I’m endlessly badgering my friends back home to listen to all three. One of the reasons we hope to be more successful in the future is to shine a light on the great scene here. China often has this perception of not being cool, and that’s something we’d really like to break.

大卫:我认为第一批成功的中国乐队,会在国际舞台上越来越耀眼。就国际化程度来说,重塑雕像的权利,Nova HeartFuture Orients,发光曲线都是非常厉害的。我不停地向自己家里的朋友推荐这些优秀的乐队,让他们知道,中国,真的很酷啊。

Anything you want to add?

Dave: We’re really looking forward to playing with Swarrm on the 20th! It’s been quite a while since we’ve been in Temple, and we’re looking forward to getting back there.