Next Beijing Underground Event “iFLY! (¿Mosca?)”, 23 November at Soï Baochao !

iFLY! (¿Mosca?) is a meeting of audio and visual artists from around Beijing. We gather as the year winds down to deliver an experience of sound and vision before we nestle into the rot of dead things. Feel the noise what penetrates the form what penetrates the noise. DNA exonerations show that witness testimony is unreliable; so, sway through the psychic tension of Apollonian and Dionysian forces as you question the primacy of your senses and make new friends. Tasteful nudity permitted.


Organised in partnership with several cultural organisations in Beijing, The Beijing Underground Summer Music Days 2018 aim at showing the diversity of music and culture in the Chinese capital.


Coming Soon !!! Stay Tuned !!!

Spread on many different days and events the Beijing Underground Summer Music Days involves several organizations and venues such as Loreli, Spittoon, BLKGEN, Sub Tropical, Rock against jams, School Bar, Yue Space, Temple Bar as well as many artists, musicians, and more.

Be sure not to miss these events and celebrate the beginning of the summer in a different way !

Part 1, 3 of June:

The Loreli Affordable Art Market.

Part 2, 3 of June:

The Beijing Grand Slam at Yue Space.

Part 3, 19 to 24 of June:

The Beijing Underground Summer Music Week at Temple.

Part 4, 20 of June, School Bar “Rock Night”:

Part 5, 20 of June:

Spittoon presents: Spittunes.

A Poetry and Music Collaboration – 28th June Yue Space.

More details will be given little by little on social media and more so don’t forget to follow us !

The Beijing Underground Sweet Winter Music Days 2018 !