Interview – Sino Hearts, from Vienna to China

Hi Sino Hearts Can you introduce yourselves and your music, what’s new since the last time you played a « Beijing Underground » event ?

I think last year we played at Yue Space


Where did your name Sino Heart come from ?  I think I didn’t ask last time….

I wanted to have a name which related to something chinese for an european group.because we were a viennese band before.


What’s your favorite music to listen to these days ? What was your favorite album in 2018 so far ?

Recently I bought lots of records,including some compilations of us 60s lost garage/beat bands and my favourite album so far is <Evil Spirits> by The Damned

最近买了不少六十年代美国车库音乐的唱片,没人听那种。今年最喜欢的是THE DAMNED的新专辑<Evil Spirits>

Are you planning to record an album in 2018 with any of your musical projects ?

We finished our full length album<Leave the World Behind>on Jan and it was recorded in Beijing and produced in Germany,recently it will be released via Monster Zero Records/Bigmic Records in Europe,via Waterslide Records/Target Earth Records in Japan,via RubyEyes Records/D.O.G in PR.C

今年我们将在欧洲日本和中国一起推出我们的新专辑《把世界抛在脑后》,欧洲LP将由Monster Zero Records/Bigmic Records 联合发行,日本版CD将有 Waterslide Records/Target Earth Records 中国大陆将有D.O.G发行

Zhong Wuli, you stayed a while in Austria, I saw a video of you playing somewhere in Vienna a few years ago, what was it like to play rock n’roll as someone from mainland China in that environment ? What di you like/dislike about the experience ?

Well I’m straight from austrian punk rock scene and I went there when I was teenager and started music career with Frankenstyle(77 punk band from vienna) at the beginning,but somehow I’m mandarin native speaker too,so we did a china tour in 2011 crossed 18 cities and It’s the first time for us to really getting involved to chinese music scene.

I’m never selling those Chinese Identities to European because the real audience won’t buy it anyway,the real deal is how good your music is.Through speaking fluent german and viennese,my european friends normally won’t relate me to mainland china.Being asian face in europe music scene is very dope ,cuz you are the only one.haha

The experience I like about european scene is their cultural tradition,I have number of elder friends who were the first wave of 60s garage or 77 punk movements in the uk,germany,austria and our generation isn’t like much different than them.You could dig everthing on your own and every genre of music has its own system which never exists in china so far.china is everything just chaotic.

What I dislike europe is the media,what they report are always very negative about china and being chinese abroad is so awkward all the time,but I totally understood it too,cuz the real social conflicts don’t exist so brutally in the countries like austria or switzerland.


The interesting fact is that there are lots of very young audience when you play in beijing,there is fresh energy amoung them.In europe,the audience sometimes could be elder,but normally the european audience really understood the music background and much easier to communicate with.

The Passion and Wildness at rock shows is the same thing,I don’t see much different between china and any other countries.


What’s your favorite Chinese band/artist/song  you would like to introduce to the rest of the world ?

Cosmic Project is a chinese group I recently dig and musically they are quite bizarr but creative.

最近发现了Cosmic Project,很不错,很有想法的乐队,看了他们西雅图KEXP电台的录像感觉很东方。


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