Laugh Lines – A poem by Darcy Fisher

Poetry has paved the path, helping me find my true self.

Laugh Lines – Darcy Fisher

I follow the lines

Through pebbled paths,

To forked roads,

Getting lost in stories

You did not have time to write down

I study the lines on your face

Seeing myself in mirrored milky blue eyes

bleeding tears of happiness

Dripping down blushing cheeks

I follow the lines to your mouth

Opening to a creasing smile

Revealing tea stained capped teeth

Hearing chattering laughter

As you wipe skin clean with soft wilted fingertips.

I listen holding your shaking hand

Leading me through time

Visiting mother, as a child

Skipping stones, rippling still water

Watching grandfather fish

Arm extended, releasing transparent line of thought

Into a pool of swimming ducks

Chasing breadcrumbs

Floating on the surface, stagnant

I Listen, dangled on the line, hooked

Sipping tea, streaming ancestral stories

Showing me how you lived

Who you met along the way

And, why life is beautiful.

I follow you to the end of the pebbled path

Where we began, and where you departed

Wearing your lines of wisdom on my smiling face

reciting your life story

in transition to a destination unknown

Keeping your allegory alive

Retold and never forgotten.

Extract from ASPZ Issue 16th Lines; if you wish to receive our zines send us an email to

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