New Music Video from “Tongue” !

We now have a Youtube channel !Today we feature our first Music Video on it, the newest video from the band Shuh Tou (Shetou – Tongue). The video just came out !

Special thanks to Carolina Rodrigues who also directed this video.

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导演 / 摄影指导:李娜
Director and Cinematographer: Carolina Rodrigues
导演助理 / 摄影师:黄祺昌
Assistant Director and Cameraman: Wong Kei Cheong
Editing: Carolina Rodrigues
Color Grading: Wong Kei Cheong

感谢 Special Thanks:
张扬 Zhang Yang
李思成 Li Sicheng
张羽佳 Zhang Yujia
老刘 Brian Liu
和平饭店 Peace Hotel

唱 / 吉他:吴吞
Vocals / Guitar: Wu Tun
Keyboard: Guo Dagang
Guitar: Da Jiang
Bass: Qiu Weiming
Drum: Hu Zi
Special Appearance: Ruan Qianrui & 90

Copyright: Shetou Band & Carolina Rodrigues

Shuh Tou was formed in 1994, at Urumuqi, north west of China, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. After a few changes early on, the lineup solidified in 1997, with lead singer Wu Tun, lead guitarist Zhu Xiaolong, rhythm guitarist Li Hongjun, bassist Wu Junde, keyboardist Guo Dagang, and drummer Li Dan. The same year, Shuh Tou relocated to Beijing, the Chinese Capital. After a few pauses and failed attempts at getting back together, the band reformed in 2013. They are currently based out of Dali, Yunnan Province. The line up stayed the same with an additional drummer Wen “Funky” Feng.

At the turn of the century, Shuh Tou released two studio albums, “Chicklet Hatching” and “This is You,” as well as one live album, “Painter.” “Mama, Let Us Take Flight, Let’s Rock’n Roll,” a collection of their most well-known songs with new arrangements and completely re-recorded by the current lineup was released on August 2014. The band is currently recording an album of brand new materials, scheduled to be released in 2015.

Shuh Tou’s music is a marriage of Rock and poetry, combining hard driving rhythms with hypnotic melodies, lyrical expressions with sarcasm, attempting to reunite mother earth with metropolises. It would be wrong to think they are trying to save the world, rather, they just want to uncover the disguises of our time. They long to experience purgatory and rebirth with their audiences through each of their live shows, again and again. They are coming.

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