1) First of all, can you introduce yourself as a musician ? 请你自我介绍 。

我叫张巍,来自宁夏银川,现在长住北京,我的乐队名字:WHAI,有为什么的意义,WHAI的音乐风格是:中国迷幻!目前有多位音乐家和艺术家参加:DJ:MICKEY ZHANG,鼓手:刘淼,李帆,贝司手:三哥(欧洋),吴翘!

My name is Zhang Wei, I am from Ningxia, but in Beijing for a long time, the name of my band is WHAI, it means of course “Why”, our style is: Chinese psychedelic ! We have had a few different members: DJ: Mickey Zhang, Drummer: Liu Miao, Li Fan, Bassist: San Ge (Ou Yang), Wu Qiao !

2) What do you think of the Beijing Underground music scene ? 你觉得北京地下音乐现在怎么样?


If you look at the Beijing Underground now with what it was in the nineties, to me it is not underground but on the ground ! it’s pure western music ! not from Beijing, not underground, these bands will become famous ! but as one of the representatives of the Beijing Underground WHAI will go on collaborate with more underground bands with an underground flavor to go on building a Chinese and Asian underground atmosphere ! Hopefully we will help people here build a more independent way of thinking and more independent tastes in order for people to see everyone has there own reasons to live, for example your parents, your schoolmates, teachers, lovers….

3) What’s your favorite music to listen to ? 你最喜欢听什么音乐和乐队?


I like it the most to listen to musicians who died young, I can’t explain it, it’s just a feeling !

4) How long have you been doing music ? What was your first instrument and why did you start playing music ? 你做了音乐做了多长时间 ?你是怎么开始做音乐的?


I have been making music for 32 years now, it’s my parents who let me start, and then i also fell in love with music, even more than they did !

5) What are your other musical projects ? 你有别的乐队吗?你的音乐计划是什么?


I don’t have any other bands, my plan these days is to relive the same day everyday, and overtime you will see that day naturally change, very naturally.

6) Any music you want to share ? 有没有你想分享或者推荐的音乐?


Of course I have, the music from WHAI’s new album, I really want to share it with everybody, and I hope people will patiently wait for it, if everything goes has planned it will come out in 2018 ! so in the meantime here is an old WHAI song: “You have to find the meaning of life in the wilderness of the iceberg to be able to forget all the joy and sadness”, please listen !

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