1) First of all, can you introduce yourself as a musician ? 请你自我介绍 。

Jack, bass player, vocalist and songwriter for Zhege; A band of mixed origin, living in Beijing, we play lyrical pop music and write songs about things we see and stuff that happens to us.

2) What do you think of the Beijing Underground music scene ? 你觉得北京地下音乐现在怎么样?

There are many musicians in Beijing as it has a big cover music scene. It’s interesting watching some people rebelling against the predictable pop music that is repeatedly being requested of them. Also, because the modern music scene is (comparatively) young here, there is a lot of space for innovation.

3) What’s your favorite music to listen to ? 你最喜欢听什么音乐和乐队?

David Bowie, Blur, Flight of the Conchords, Bill Evans, it’s a bit of a mix really.

4) How long have you been doing music ? What was your first instrument and why did you start playing music ? 你做了音乐做了多长时间 ?你是怎么开始做音乐的?

For quite a while now. Jack started on keys. Rapper/ percussionist Kris started with cowbell. Slava, our producer, was a choir conductor. Music is something that makes time pass easily.

5) What are your other musical projects ? 你有别的乐队吗?你的音乐计划是什么?

We all perform regularly with other groups. I play with various jazz and pop groups. Kris plays Latin music regularly. Our guitarist Alex plays with Chinese pop artists.

6) Any music you want to share ? 有没有你想分享或者推荐的音乐?

Yes. Listen to the album ‘At Home’ by Avishai Cohen. Beautiful music.

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