Hangnail: Street Punk.

Can you describe your music style ?

Hi! This is Shaofei from hangnail. Our music style is more like street punk and old school punk.

Where did you get your band name from  ? What is the idea behind it  ?

We all agreed that we want it to be kind of scary when we named our band. Not only for showing the rebel spirit also for the real situation of punk music, so we name it hangnail. if you want to know the meaning, just look at your hangnails from your fingers.

What are you trying to express with your music ?

Our music reflects our belief. We think that things that shouldn’t be forgotten have been forgotten, such as punk music, the situation of punk music is getting worse and worse. Our songs are more likely expressing the attitudes than describing the real life.

What do you think of the Chinese music scene, what are your favorite Chinese bands/Foreign bands/artists.

I’ve heard that the rock music in China is developing well but in my mind it is getting more and more difficult: seem like most of players just want to copy the foreign culture without analyzing the situation that we are in. Deliberately imitating is a shame, so if you ask me, I don’t have a favorite band or artist, I mean, I would listen to their music but they won’t touch me deeply, and I wouldn’t imitate any of them. I would have my own stuff. It is about values.

Do you already have an album out  ? It is in preparation  ? What can you tell us about your plans in 2018  ?

We’ve already finished eight songs including street punk, old school and ska. Our first EP is being prepared and we are still saving money for it. Now our demos can be found online but they are not completed. Our plan of 2018 is finishing five new songs and maybe a little tour in China. I guess we will just let it be.

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