Interview – DFA 89

DFA 89

Interview by Natharb.

What does your band name mean and how did you choose it to represent your music?

DFA89 means Death From Abba Eight Nine. Just kidding, really it means Def Funk Abdul Eightynine. Only joking, it means Don’t Fuck Around, Eight-Nine. No, but seriously now, it means Deus Fidelis Anus VIII IX. Just joking, it really means…

How would you describe your sound in non-musical terms?

Rolling down the side of a mountain in an MRI machine.

What is something the audience might not realize about your band at first glance?

We’re not naked under our robes. Our cello player actually knows what he’s doing. We rehearse.

What are some bands you think The Beijing underground music scene should follow more closely?

Liberate Haze. Hugh Reed. Electric Lady.

Where would you like to see the Beijing music scene go in the next few years? What would you like to see more or less of in the Beijing underground music scene?

I’d like to see it go on quite a mundane caravan holiday to Dorset, buy some over priced fudge, get in an argument over which radio station to listen to, and then not talk to itself the whole way home. I would like to see more stoats and less lamas please.

The band will play at School Bar as part of the “Beijing Underground Summer Music Days” on the 20 of June 2018, don’t miss them !

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