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The Loreli Affordable Art Market, Christmas edition.

Sponsored by “Beijing Underground”

北锣鼓巷的EL-NIDO the other place举办,

LORELI 买得起的艺术市集 节日版

This time, we are joined with 16 artists, arranging from tattoos artists to street photographers to illustrators, and many more….here is a sneak peek

*Artists sneak peek*


Liuba Draws是住北京俄罗斯独立艺术家及插画师。


经过7年有余的北京⽣活,这⾥俨然已经成为了Liuba的第⼆故乡。带着对这个城市深切的热爱,她决定通过⾃⼰的画笔与⼤家分享这份深情。⽆论你是否了解北京— Liuba 的笔触都能带着你的视⻆纵览这个⽂化与⺠俗兼容并蓄的千年古城。⽬前Liuba的个⼈品牌 – Liuba Draws带着⼀系列⽣趣可爱的⼩物件在北京城内⼏个知名的市场上有售。


Liuba Draws has been living in Beijing for more than 7 years now, it has become a new home for Liuba, with amazing experiences and a deep love for a city, which she wants to share with everyone. People both visiting or living in China are excited to discover all the quirky things they love about this country hidden in the art of Liuba Draws. Right now Liuba is developing her own brand, Liuba Draws, with a number of products such as prints, cards, keychains, magnets, mugs and more. Wechat: @liubatje

FEI FEI is an illustrator and printmaker working in Beijing. She started working full-time as an illustrator after studying in the UK. She finds tremendous pleasure in drawing human figures.

FEI FEI 是一个生活在北京的插画师,喜欢画人

Hole in the Wall 是由Jinna 和Shui联合创办的插画小合集。我们的创作取材于北京地下文化,并以独立出版物、壁饰、插画作品等形式进行展览。由于深刻地体会到这个城市强大的生命力,我们想记录下生活在如此背景下的人。因此,我们第一本独立小杂志就这样诞生了。自那以后,我们便参加了很多和创意相关的活动和集会。这期间,我们在第一本的基础上又出版了三本独立小杂志。而这次,我们重点关注的是酒吧、胡同,以及活跃在里面的人们.

Hole in the Wall is a collective focused on recording urban youth culture. We create illustrations inspired by Beijing’s underground scene, displaying them as zines, wall murals and prints. Overwhelmed by the vibrant energy of the city, we wanted to document the young, the excited and the lost. Hence the first issue of our zine was born. Since then we have taken part in various creative events and have published more issues focusing on bars, hutongs and their inhabitants.

Our latest issue ON STAGE focuses on performance. We have recorded various musicians, artists, DJs and VJs in three cities, exploring the different ways creatives collaborate with each other. This is part of our ongoing efforts to shine a light on the underground scene through illustrations.

Irina was born on 15th February, 1965, she graduated from Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Art-Graphic faculty. During her trip around Europe in 2000, she became a member of “The Association of Russian painters in Paris”.

Irina displayed her works in more than 40 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Her paintings are in Russian cultural centre (Damascus, Syria), Rathaus (Kassel, Germany), Novosibirsk Consulate of Germany, Novosibirsk ArtGallery, Tomsk Art Museum, Novosibirsk Center of Science and also private collections in Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Syria, USA, Israel).

李琳, 做自己喜欢的东西来吸引我喜欢的人们.

FRIDAY TATTOO, 来自FRIDAY TATTOO的文身师叁和老明, 商品都是我们日常的原创手稿和插画.

Sam is a PhD student and photographer.

Jiasilee illustration works mainly about urban city lifestyle and vintage subculture, exploring city landscapes and local lifestyle from different cultures. Main products are a Beijing Hutong travel guide book,London City map illustrations,Chongqing City landscape printing, etc.




Food & Drinks


El-Nido will prepare delicious 15kuai tacos, and 40kuai mulled wine.


Also, we are joined by The Blck Lab coffee, come and grab a latte and sit down for a portrait drawing!



Prick those ears, and open those minds because The Nasty Wizards are back at El Nido to hold their title as heavyweight champions of the obsolete formats, whilst The Lorelians challenge them in a completely handicapped and unfair battle of cassette vs…HDD.

It’s the ultimate battle between past VS present, nostalgic VS new, analogue VS digital.

How many rounds will this battle royale rumble the room before either the neighbours complain or Zak gets annoyed? How many Will Smith songs can one possibly handle in any concentrated period of time? Have the Nasty Wizards brought enough batteries?

There’s only one way to find out!



See you there!

LORELI 买得起的艺术市集 节日版




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