The Art Market is back ! 7 April at El Nido/The Other Place

The Loreli Affordable Art Market is back, don’t miss this on the 7 April at El Nido/The Other Place from 1PM.

Be there !

No.1 Langjiahutong, Beiluoguxiang

Check a few words from Loreli on the market and some pictures of previous events.

Loreli says:

时间 4月7日(周日)下午1-6点

地址 北锣鼓巷郎家胡同1号方糖隔壁

都有谁 插画师 摄影师 设计师 画家 等等

干啥呢 春天来市集逛逛,买买小画儿,认识你最喜欢的插画师~

现场还有DJ- 来自英国的DJ Dan 和 南非的V

Introducing DJs of the day- Dan R,With early musical roots filling many of the clichéd DJ bio tropes, Bass Ventura brings an eclectic mix of whatever’s on his hard-drive, to fit any mood. As long as that mood calls for copious amounts of percussion and/or horn sections.

And V,

Hi, I’m V from Cape Town, South Africa. I have played many living rooms and BBQ’s and even made playlists for some cool bars. I have DJed my own birthday party. I like to play songs that I like that I hope you like.

Come grab your zines, illustrations, cards, prints, originals, paintings. Bring your

friends, family, enemies, in-laws.

带上盆友 家人 敌人 来小院儿感受春天的温柔的风~

Come for the art, stay for the booze


When April 7th, 1pm-6pm

Where No.1 Langjiahutong, Beiluoguxiang

When April 7th, 1pm-6pm

Where No.1 Langjiahutong, Beiluoguxiang

时间 4月7日(周日)下午1-6点

地址 北锣鼓巷郎家胡同1号方糖隔壁

With artists such as Datouer, XIE Meng, Sam Watt, Lin, Black Rabbit, Sam Kay, Xiaohan, Demon, Zhangchi, Andreis, jiasilee, Aurélien, Fei Fei , Julia (CAN SHARE), HITW, Joy, come see there art and buy some !

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