Spittoon Poem #2 “Old Love” by S2.

Sameen is a Canadian vibrant soul and lover of all things spontaneous. She has been writing for a while here and there, on and off. She thinks poetry is cool because you can blend words to create a pretty rad human experience.

Old love

Why do you slip back into the cracks of my heart?

I am happy with someone new

Why then, this sudden urge to see you

To care who your attention belongs to?

Is it the selfish part of myself that craves for what is now, truly not mine?

Or is it the intuition part of myself that is guiding me back to you

Oh, please. Just gently slip away.

The back and forth stops me from maintaining my sanity….

I need to settle, why do I keep pulling you back in?

There, I breathe you out.

Sigh, if only it was that simple.

Seeing you in my shirt excites me, why? The shirt belongs more to you than it does to me

It no longer represents the tie between us

What does?

Have you moved on? Do you think a million times before deleting pictures of us? Do I even exist in parts of your world or has someone else tainted the most sacred parts of you?


S2 will read at Spittoon Poetry Night on Thursday, January 28 at Camera Stylo. The event begins at 8 pm, and is free to attend.

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